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Alzheimer's first signs may appear in your eyes, study finds | Health | kxly.com

The eyes are more than a window to the soul — they're also a reflection of a person's cognitive health.

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Which type of eye doctor should you choose? : Shots - Health News : NPR

Optometrists are lobbying for more leeway to treat patients — and physicians' groups are pushing back. But it's more than a turf war, both sides say, as they explain why patients' vision is at stake.

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Artificial Retina Implants: Seeing Is Believing | The Health Edge

Things are really looking up for people who suffer from vision loss. Scientists from Sweden and Israel teamed up to develop the thinnest retinal implant in the world. The wireless device is layered wi

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Eye Injury Quiz: How to Treat Scratches, Blows, Chemicals, Burns, and More

What’s the best way to treat a black eye, a scratched cornea, or other eye injuries? Take this quiz from WebMD to see how much you know.

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Your Brain Stops Time When You Blink – Research Digest

By Emma Young. The study raises all kinds of fascinating questions for future research to investigate.

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Yes - You Can Manage Dog Eye Problems Naturally!

Dog eye problems can be scary - but knowing the anatomy and the cause of the issues can help you manage them at home, naturally.

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Celebrities with different colored eyes - Business Insider

You may want to give some of your favorite actors a double take. Some of them have two different iris colors. Also known as heterochromia iridis, the condition isn't super rare and involves having two different-colored irises or a partially-altered iris

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13 Eye Conditions That Could Indicate Potential Eye Health Warning Signs

Will your eye condition clear up, or is it a warning sign of a critical eye health issue? Learn about common eye symptoms, what they could mean, what you can do about them, and when to see your eye doctor.

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Bedroom Light Exposure at Night and the Incidence of Depressive Symptoms: A Longitudinal Study

Abstract. Previous studies have indicated that minimal exposure to light at night (LAN) increases depression risk, even at 5 lux, in nocturnal and diurnal mamm

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Pictures of Eyeglasses and Frames: Glasses for Presbyopia, Sunglasses, Eye Problems

Need glasses? Titanium, rhinestone, or multi-colored plastics? WebMD's pictures cover your eye health needs and fashion wishes -- with eyewear for computer use, reading, driving, golf, and skiing.

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Here is what happens when you stare at the sun - Business Insider

We all wear sunscreen, sunglasses, caps, and hats to avoid the suns glare. But what happens to our eyes when we go out of our way to look directly at the dazzlingly bright sun.

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Eye Problem Pictures: Farsightedness, Nearsightedness, Cataracts, and More

What do nearsightedness, farsightedness, or going blind look like? See these views and take an eye test in this slideshow from WebMD's medical editors.

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Quiz: Eye Fact or Fiction – Eye Color, Color Blindness, Improve Eyesight

Do glasses make your eyesight worse? Can carrots help your vision? Take this quiz and show WebMD that you know how to sort eye fiction from fact.

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Can this eye scan detect Alzheimer's years in advance?

It turns out Alzheimer's affects the retina - the back end of the eye - similarly to how it affects the brain.

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Study Shows How Contact Lenses Can Affect Your Appearance Over Time

This study involving identical twins found that wearing contact lenses can cause an unintended side effect that changes how you look.

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How your eyes betray your thoughts

A series of recent studies suggest that eye movements may both reflect and influence the workings of the brain

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Eye Danger Quiz: Can You “Shoot Your Eye Out?”

Fireworks, lasers, and even a day at the beach can threaten your eyesight; find out how to protect it in this quiz.