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FDA: Brain Swelling, Permanent Vision Loss in Children Taking Puberty Blockers - American Faith

“The agency considered the cases clinically serious and, based on these reviews, determined that pseudotumor cerebri (idiopathic intracranial hypertension) should be added as a warning … for use in pediatric patients,” said the FDA. The FDA

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ANS – Blind Woman Regains Eyesight at Israeli Hospital

ANS – Blind Woman Regains Eyesight at Israeli Hospital by Sharon Wrobel Algemeiner News Service A blind woman has regained her eyesight after 20 years following a first-of-its-kind surgery at an Israeli hospital. The rare procedure carried out at Is

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Google's Project Guideline uses AI to help low-vision users navigate running courses | VentureBeat

Google developed an AI-powered app that guides blind and low-vision users through a running course with audio feedback.

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Israeli Medtech Startup CorNeat Vision Uses Patented Implants To Treat Blinding Diseases

Medtech startup CorNeat, founded in 2015, develops patented ophthalmic artificial implants that mend and replace damaged eye tissue.

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Artificial Retina Implants: Seeing Is Believing | The Health Edge

Things are really looking up for people who suffer from vision loss. Scientists from Sweden and Israel teamed up to develop the thinnest retinal implant in the world. The wireless device is layered wi

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When Is an Eye Issue More Than Just a Nuisance?

Veterinarians categorize eye infections as urgent; know when an eye condition needs expert help, and when it's okay to wait and watch.

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New research shows blue light from electronics leading to blindn - News, Weather, Sports, Toledo, OH

Our cell phones are practically connected to us. Now, scientists at the University of Toledo say the blue light that comes from electronics is doing permanent damage to our vision. 

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Eye Problem Pictures: Farsightedness, Nearsightedness, Cataracts, and More

What do nearsightedness, farsightedness, or going blind look like? See these views and take an eye test in this slideshow from WebMD's medical editors.

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Scientists Tap Dragonfly Vision to Build a Better Bionic Eye

Researchers have developed an artificial-intelligence system based on a dragonfly’s vision that they say could aid the blind and help create a better driverless car.

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Scientists map brains of the blind to solve mysteries of human brain specialization | האוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים | The Hebrew University

Studying the brain activity of blind people, scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are challenging the standard view of how the human brain specializes to perform different kinds of tasks, and shedding new light on how our brains can adapt to t

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New smartphone app gives sight to the blind - Yahoo News

From Yahoo News: By Christina Farr and Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Jonathan Mosen, who has been blind since birth, spent his evening snapping photos of packages in the mail, his son's school report and labels on bottles in the fridge. In se