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Jonathan Sacks – A Nail of Faith – A Story for Succot

Jonathan Sacks – A Nail of Faith – A Story for Succot Here is what I learned from the first time I built a sukkah (aside from the fact that I am not particularly good at woodwork!). Wishing you and your families a wonderful Sukkot. Chag Sameac

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Rav Kook's Impassioned Pesach Message: the Foundation of Freedom is Loyalty to Our Inner Essence

Rav Kook TZ’L – PESACH: FREEDOM AND LIBERATION “The core of freedom is to be…loyal to our inner essence; to the ‘Tzelem Elokeem-Divine Image’ that is within us”. In Erev Pesach 5694/April 30, 1934 Rav Kook TZ’L wrote an impassioned cal

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Jonathan Sacks -Turning Curses into Blessings שמות

Jonathan Sacks -Turning Curses into Blessings שמות Genesis ends on an almost serene note. Jacob has found his long lost son. The family has been reunited. Joseph has forgiven his brothers. Under his protection and influence the family has settled in G

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Why So Many People Are Reluctant to Try Therapy

There should never be a sense of shame or embarrassment in raising your hand for help when you need it.

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Who Am I? - 14 Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery - Sincerely, BL

Who are you? What are your values, talents, skills, and characteristics? You don't know? Get 14 journal-prompts to help you answer the question, "Who am I?"

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When Do You Know You Are Emotionally Mature? 26 Suggestions - The Book of LifeThe Book of Life

When Do You Know You Are Emotionally Mature? 26 Suggestions - The Book of Life is the 'brain' of The School of Life, a gathering of the best ideas around wisdom and emotional intelligence.

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Shame may feel awful but it is fundamental to survival

By Emma Young. Shame functions like pain – as a warning not to repeat a behaviour that threatens our wellbeing. 

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What Are Ego Blind Spots?

An essay encourages people to consider their “ego blind spots”: hidden drives and assumptions that prompt us to keep repeating destructive knee-jerk reactions and behaviors. Is it possible to find these blind spots and reconsider (or eliminate) them?

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Here's How to Watch the Insight Landing on Mars on Monday

In a few days, humanity will once again reach out and touch the surface of a foreign world.

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The search for Meaning

Welcome to the Monitor on Psychology digital edition! This interactive format allows you to easily read, share with friends, and click on web links to get further resources.

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When someone shakes your cage, it can be hard to shake it off. A lingering psychic residue is often the by-product of an aggressive, insensitive or otherwise unexpected email, phone call or confron…

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Holding Space

When we hear the popularized term “holding space,” more often than not, it relates to something in the metaphysical sphere. But lately, when I apply the principle more literally, it offers interest…

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How Self-Help Really Works

At the beginning of last year, I inadvertently found myself listening to an interview with self-help guru Tony Robbins. That interview made me curious, and pretty soon I had listened to several…

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A New Way To Understand And Treat Depression

It can pull you out of the hustle of daily life — and into meaning-making.

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Power of a Meaningful Life

Journalist Emily Esfahani Smith offers a guide for building a better approach to living

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10 Simple Postures That Boost Performance

Psychological research suggests simple actions can project power, persuade others, increase empathy, boost cognitive performance and more...

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How Compliments Can Teach Us About Ourselves: A Path to Knowing Who We Are

Creating a list of your favorite compliments can help you to learn more about yourself and your values in addition to building your confidence!

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6 Sneaky Thought Patterns Inhibiting Your Personal Growth

Understanding how you cognitively distort is key to breaking free of some of your most toxic mental traps.

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Why We Hate Not Knowing for Sure

New research helps explain why our brains react so poorly to uncertainty.