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Taking the Sting Out of Social Rejection

A Finnish study points to improv as a training ground for handling rejection.

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When You're Overwhelmed, Simplify - zen habits zen habits

By Leo Babauta The feeling of being overwhelmed is extremely common in the people I talk to, and it’s becoming more and more clear to me that this is the default state for most of us. We’re overwhelmed by it all: all the things we have on our plates,

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Small Ways to Take Care Of Yourself During a Stressful News Cycle

With the war in Ukraine on our minds, so many of us feel helpless. These tips will help you take care of yourself during a stressful news cycle.

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The Dark Side of Resilience

Could too much resilience be a bad thing, just like too much muscle mass can be a bad thing?

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Can memes help people cope with pandemic-induced anxiety? – Research Digest

By Emily Reynolds. By making light of a serious event, memes help people reappraise negative experiences, authors suggest.

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Self-Soothing Techniques That Will Help Your Toddler Fall Asleep Right Away - Thrive Global

3-year-olds have inordinate amounts of energy and it’s hard to calm them down, but this system of self-soothing really works.

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9 Ways To Not Be So Stressed & Overwhelmed - mindbodygreen

Dr. Samantha Brody, licensed naturopathic physician and author of upcoming book, Overcoming Overwhelm: Dismantling Stress From the Inside Out, shares nine ways we can combat stress and the secret behind why what we're programmed to do isn't working.

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Coping Styles That Will Ease Your Worries

If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, here are two coping styles that will help ease your worries. Because when you're stressed it's important to have a plan.

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Morning depression: Causes, symptoms, and how to cope

Diurnal variations are types of depression that cause symptoms to get worse at certain times of the day. Morning depression is a common diurnal variation. In this article, learn about the symptoms and risk factors for morning depression, as well as the tr

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6 ways to use your mind to control pain - Harvard Health

Mind-body techniques can help reduce the need for pain medication. Techniques include deep breathing, eliciting the relaxation response, meditation with guided imagery, mindfulness, yoga and tai chi, and positive thinking.

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Why do people believe in superstitions? It's all a trick of the mind — Quartz

The number 13, black cats, breaking mirrors, or walking under ladders, may all be things you actively avoid—if you’re anything like the 25% of people in the US who consider themselves superstitious. Even if you don’t consider yourself a particularly

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The science of resilience: What are the ingredients that help people cope? | Science | AAAS

A series of Science articles examines ways of coping with natural disasters, war and displacement, and climate change—not to mention resilience tactics in nature

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How To Be Resilient

How do we increase grit and persistence? Let's look at how survivors get through the most dangerous situations and learn lessons on how to be resilient.

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What Is Self-Regulation - Why Is It So Important?

Self-regulation, a core strength learned in childhood, helps keep the body and emotional system balanced. Somatic therapies can help improve self-regulation. 

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The Secret To Emotional Control Most People Don't Know

Better emotional control is linked to lower levels of depression and anxiety.

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Young Mice, Like Children, Can Grow Up Too Fast

We often act as if children should grow up as quickly as possible, says Alison Gopnik. But a full childhood is necessary, new research about young mice shows.

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10 Ways To Become More Resilient

It's important to take in consideration that many people to react to adversitiy differently, we can still find ways to build our resilience.

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How To Become More Resilient

Resiliency can be considered a being a healthy choice and lifestyle.