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Dragon's breath: flash fiction reminding you what you need to do to leave grief mixed with anger behind so you can see the sun again

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Elizabeth Gilbert on Love, Loss, and How to Move Through Grief as Grief Moves Through You

“Grief is a force of energy that cannot be controlled or predicted. It comes and goes on its own schedule. Grief does not obey your plans, or your wishes. Grief will do whatever it wants to you, whenever it wants to. In that regard, Grief has a lot in c

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Burnt Roses: Facing Loss and Grief

Grief comes boxed in many different packages. The death of a loved one, a routine visit to the ...

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COVID-19 Has Upended Our World; It’s OK to Grieve

We are isolated, our lives are disrupted, and we don't know how bad it will be. It's okay to feel unsettled and important to acknowledge what we are feeling.

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What to Say to Someone in Grief

A new study suggests that while there may not be any objectively “right” things to say to someone in pain, saying less and listening more are always helpful. (“That sounds really hard” can also be a useful default.)

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Getting Over Rover: Why Our Grief Over a Dog Is So Intense

Those of us who have loved a dog know the truth: Your pet is never "just a dog," which explains why we miss them so much when they pass away.

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The Five Stages of Ghosting Grief

A woman dives into the confusing vacuum created by an unanswered text.

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5 Beliefs to Radically Transform Unhappiness to Wellbeing

Are you sad, anxious, managing a difficult relationship, grief or divorce? Are you feeling the stress of medical issues, parenting or work? Like flipping on a switch, changing the meaning you ascribe to life’s hardships instantaneously short circuits th

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What I Wish I Knew Before I Delivered My Stillborn Son

When the doctor confirmed my worst suspicions and slowly helped me up from the exam table, I asked, "What happens now? Do I need to have a D&C?" He shook his head no. "You'll need to deliver." With those words, I was transported in

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Read Sheryl Sandberg's touching Facebook post on mourning husband

Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg took to the social media site on Wednesday to write about mourning the loss of her husband Dave Goldberg.

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12 Tips For Recovering From Emotional Pain

by PurposeFairy “Pain (any pain–emotional, physical, mental) has a message. The information it has about our life can be remarkably specific, but it usually falls into one of two categories: “We wo...