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Unfairly Fired: My Supervisor Set Me Up; Are You Sure About That? | Workplace Coach Blog

Question: My employer unfairly fired me. My supervisor set me up. Here’s the situation. My supervisor texted me. He did …

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How SMS Works—and Why You Shouldn’t Use It Anymore

It's time to understand how SMS messaging works. Here’s the breakdown, and what kind of safer text messaging to use instead.

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Distracted Drivers are 29 Times More Likely to Cause Accidents

Work zone collisions are inherently high risk, and occur once every 5.4 seconds in the United States. Now, A study by researchers at the University of Missouri finds that distracted drivers are 29 times more likely to cause or almost cause a collision in

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How to Text with Good Posture | Gokhale Method Institute

There’s nothing inherently problematic about the activity of texting from a posture point of view. The problems arise because we have poor habits in how we hold objects in front of us, how we read, and also because what’s on our cell phones tends to b

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Frightening Number Of Parents Text, Check Social Media While Driving - With Kids In Tow - Study Finds

Distracted driving causes about one in four traffic-related deaths and injuries. A statistic like that should make people, particularly parents, want to put that cell phone away while driving. But do they?

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How texting has killed romance

On the 25th anniversary of the first text message, courtship has never been less romantic.

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The Five Stages of Ghosting Grief

A woman dives into the confusing vacuum created by an unanswered text.

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Stop Googling. Let’s Talk.

What have we done to face-to-face conversation?

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How to Communicate With Your Teen Daughter, Explained

Telephone occasionally and bring the call to an end yourself, citing things you need to do. If leaving a voicemail (not more than one or two, max), don't sound breathless with that feigned surplus of activity, just minimally distracted by the fulfill...

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Messaging mania has shocked tech leaders twice - in 1994 and again now

One of the most unanticipated developments surrounding mobile phones is the fact that people don't really want to use them to talk to each other. They want to use them to send messages. This phenom...