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87-year-old husband arrested after repeatedly visiting wife at facility

An 87-year-old husband was arrested after repeatedly visiting his wife at a local assisted living facility.

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How People Who Appear the Happiest Could be the Most Dangerously Depressed

Why are people who are depressed look so happy? The term ‘smiling depression’ – appearing happy to others while internally suffering depressive symptoms – has become increasingly popular.

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Why It’s Okay to Feel Sad Sometimes and How You Can Benefit from Sadness - Quotes for the heart,mind,body and soul

We all feel sad from time to time. But did you know that sadness can actually be beneficial in some ways? We all feel sad sometimes, occasionally it is bec

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5 Beliefs to Radically Transform Unhappiness to Wellbeing

Are you sad, anxious, managing a difficult relationship, grief or divorce? Are you feeling the stress of medical issues, parenting or work? Like flipping on a switch, changing the meaning you ascribe to life’s hardships instantaneously short circuits th