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Habit Stacking: How It Works, Why It's Useful and How to Do It

Habit stacking is a method for making healthy changes by tacking new routines onto tasks or chores you do every day. Experts explain why this method works.

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7 Powerful Habits of People With High Emotional Intelligence

You don’t get where you want to be without practice. Here’s how and what to practice.

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How to Make Time Slow Down

After a lost year in the pandemic, you might be feeling like time is slipping through your fingers. Here's how to stop it.

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My 88-Year-Old Grandfather’s Approach to Habit-Forming - Darius Foroux

Habit-forming is a complicated process, one that the amount of scientific advice only complicates more. Instead, rely on simple advice.

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This 3-Minute Habit Changed My Life

“Tracking my time has changed how I think about my time. Knowing exactly where my hours go has helped me feel like I can slow time’s ceaseless ticking.”

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15 Ways to Reach Your Goals and Commit to Healthy Habits

When you have goals to reach but you struggle to stay committed, these effective tips will help you reignite your drive and stay on track.

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Toxic Thirdhand Smoke Still Lingers In A Casino Months After Ban - Study Finds

Thirdhand smoke, or the residue left behind from cigarette smoke, rested on surfaces in casinos for months, even after a smoking ban went into affect in Northern California, a study by scientists at San Diego State University found.

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Scientists Explain Why You Can't Stop Going Back to the Same Places | Inverse

In a study released last week in Nature "Human Behavior" a team of mathematicians explain that at any given time people regularly return to a maximum of 25 places. They say that it's not necessarily the same 25 places, but when you begin going t

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Why do people believe in superstitions? It's all a trick of the mind — Quartz

The number 13, black cats, breaking mirrors, or walking under ladders, may all be things you actively avoid—if you’re anything like the 25% of people in the US who consider themselves superstitious. Even if you don’t consider yourself a particularly

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Feedback Loops: How to Master the Invisible Hand That Shapes Our Lives

We should spend less time letting feedback loops shape our lives in invisible ways and more time designing the feedback loops we want and need.

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4 (Counter-Productive) Healthy Habits Preventing You From Weight Loss

When it comes to building a healthier version of yourself, making changes within your life is a necessity. But as with most things in life, moderation is...

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Out With the Old - The New York Times

It may be better to give up your bad habits all at once, rather than one at time.

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Keep Things Simple For A Healthy, Long Life

Most of prevention is fairly straightforward and, unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. But then again, the most important steps you can take to safeguard your health are well within your reach.

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6 Brain-Training Principles to Improve Your Life

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10 Questions To Finally Change Your Habits | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Stop fantasizing about how you're going to change. Ask yourself these questions, and make it happenwhatever your goals are.