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Brains Are Not Required When It Comes to Thinking and Solving Problems--Simple Cells Can Do It | Scientific American

Tiny clumps of cells show basic cognitive abilities, and some animals can remember things after losing their head

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How many times must you fold a paper to reach the Moon? - Big Think

Each time you fold a piece of paper, you double the paper's thickness. It doesn't take all that long to even reach the Moon.

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People Who Jump to Conclusions Show Other Kinds of Thinking Errors - Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

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Your Brain Doesn't Work the Way You Think It Does

A conversation with neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett on the counterintuitive ways your mind processes reality—and why understanding that might help you feel a little less anxious.

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To Achieve Your Goals, Lump and Slice - By Lee Anne Fennell - Behavioral Scientist

Humans are remarkably sensitive to how we bundle and divide tasks and choices. We can use that quirk to help realize our aspirations.

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Longer Exhalations Are an Easy Way to Hack Your Vagus Nerve | Psychology Today

Longer exhalations during each cycle of breathing in and out can combat fight-or-flight stress responses by hacking into the autonomic nervous system.

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Why You Can’t Think Straight When You’re Sleep Deprived | Psychology Today

It’s difficult to identify a cognitive skill that isn’t affected by sleep, and compromised by sleep deprivation.

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Seven Ways to Help Someone with Anxiety

Simple tools to better support your loved ones without trying to fix them.

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Why Your Brain Has 2 Halves

Scientists have long known that the two halves of human brains perform different functions. Now, researchers look at why this is beneficial.

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It’s Actually Pretty Weird That We Think in Words

“When you talk to yourself, you step out of yourself for a moment and get some perspective on what you are doing.”

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If We Could Put King Solomon in an MRI Machine, Could We See the Wisdom in his Brain?

At the 2010 Cannes Film Festival premiere of You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger, director Woody Allen was asked about aging. He replied…

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The Remarkable Power of Play - Why Play is so Important for Children

Why play is so important for children. For their growing minds, their social and emotional skills - it's vital.

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We're Not as Open-Minded As We Think We Are

We all like to think we’re open-minded, but election season brings out the worst in even the best of us. Even the most “open” and “informed” among us are a lot more closed minded than we’d like to think and they’d openly admit. Let’s look

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How language can affect the way we think

A look at the ways that the construction of language can have implications for the way we think, act and parse the world around us.

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Beyond Words: A New Book About What Animals Think and Feel

Award-winning scientist Carl Safina's "Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel" is an excellent summary of recent research on the fascinating animals with whom we share our magnificent planet. I highly recommend "Beyond Words" and I

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15 Ways to Get Someone out of Your Head

We work hard to remove whatever is toxic from our lives. We buy organic foods, we remove chemicals from our home. We eat green, we clean green. We buy organic cosmetics. But we put very little concerted effort into trying to go green in our minds. When ou

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Stop standing still

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Utilizing Blended Learning To Encourage Critical Thinking: An e-Learning Solutions Perspective

Critical Thinking Can Help Learners Learn and Retain Better in e-Learning Solutions. Utilizing Blended Learning To Encourage Critical Thinking.

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The Secret To Learning is Reverse of Conventional Wisdom

Neuroscientists find that the key to learning fast and efficiently may be the opposite of conventional wisdom.