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15 Toxic Beliefs You Should Give Up to Be Happy

Luminita Saviuc, Purpose Fairy There are so many limiting and toxic beliefs we hold on to, beliefs that keep us from living the happy, joyful and meaningful life we all deserve to live. And by giving up on them, by  letting go of all the extra baggage

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7 essential oils happy people use

Want to know what happy people do differently? From getting enough sleep to staying optimistic, the secret to the happy life lies in simple, everyday habits.

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The Evolutionary Path of Leo

Leo the ruler of the jungle. There is a reason why you rule, it’s because the Sun plays a vital role here. This is what the article is all about King/Queen. The Sun is the life of the party, …

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Mariachi Connecticut plays

Mariachi Connecticut performing for Juno the Whale in Mystic Connecticut (Summer 2011).

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See The Amazing Moment When A Deaf Person Hears For The First Time

Imagine hearing the sound of your own voice, or the voice of a loved one, for the very first time. For those of us who have always been able to hear, that's hard to do. But have a look at this video montage showing hearing-impaired people hearing ...