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Ozempic Helped Woman Quit Smoking Cigarettes, Made Them Taste Bad

Scientists are studying how GLP-1 receptor agonists like semaglutide can curb addictive behaviors without dulling life's natural pleasures.

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Teens Find a Big Loophole in the New Flavored Vaping Ban - The New York Times

The policy allows mint, dessert and fruit flavors to continue to be sold in disposable e-cigarettes, prompting many teens to switch from Juul to those devices.

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Is Hypnosis Real? Here's What Science Says | Time

Does hypnosis work? There’s evidence backing it up for weight loss, addiction and more. But legitimate hypnosis defies pop culture clichés.

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Study: Daily Use Of E-Cigarettes Doubles Heart Attack Risk

Some smokers switch to e-cigarettes in an attempt to be healthier, but according to new research, daily use of e-cigarettes doubles the risk of heart attack. And when combined with daily use of regular cigarettes, the risk of heart attack is five times th

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Toxic Thirdhand Smoke Still Lingers In A Casino Months After Ban - Study Finds

Thirdhand smoke, or the residue left behind from cigarette smoke, rested on surfaces in casinos for months, even after a smoking ban went into affect in Northern California, a study by scientists at San Diego State University found.

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Are There Risks From Secondhand Marijuana Smoke? Early Science Says Yes.

Scientists are finding that, just as with secondhand smoke from tobacco, inhaling secondhand smoke from marijuana can make it harder for arteries to expand to allow a healthy flow of blood.

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The rich stopped smoking. The poor haven’t

Cigarettes are becoming a habit of the poor. The national smoking rate has fallen to historic lows, with just 15 percent of adults still smoking. But the socioeconomic gap has never been bigger.

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E-cigarettes are a 'major public health concern,' especially for young people

Electronic cigarettes have all the addictive potential of traditional tobacco products, and health officials should do all they can to keep them out of the hands of teens and young adults, according to the federal government’s first comprehensive review

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How to Get Smokers to Quit? Enlist World’s Ugliest Color - The New York Times

Health officials want more countries to require the use of opaque couché on cigarette packaging. The greenish brown color has helped discourage smokers in Australia.

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6 Marijuana Facts You May Not Have Known

From Yahoo News: Fact: Marijuana is a wonderfully versatile drug.