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iPhone vs Android: Which is better for photography?

Want to know who makes the best smartphones for photographers? Amy Davies discovers whether the Android or iPhone camera is the better option.

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Canon Is Planning Huge Announcements | Fstoppers

Canon has been chugging along the last few years, releasing some impressive mirrorless cameras and lenses. It seems they have no intention of stopping, with another major announcement of multiple cameras and lenses coming soon. Canon Rumors is reporting t

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How to Shoot Portraits: Tips for Beginner Photographers | Shutterbug

If you're a beginner photographer who wants to learn how to shoot portraits, there are lots of resources out there. One place we turn to frequently for great beginner photography portrait tips is Bach Photography. In the below video, Bach explains in plai

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iPhone 12 Pro Max camera: Why this pro photographer is super excited - CNET

A longer zoom, a bigger image sensor and vastly improved night mode? Count me in.

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5 photo tricks to try with your iPhone while you're bored in quarantine this fall

Self isolating at home? Here are five great ways you can keep your creativity skills on point.

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Awesome phone photography: How to take great-looking pictures on iPhone or Android

Here's how to get the best results from your smartphone photography, whether you're on iPhone or Android.

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New video pits the iPhone 11 Pro against a Canon DLSR, and it’s closer than ever

YouTuber Matti Haapoja has put the iPhone 11 Pro to the test against a $7,500 DSLR camera – can you tell which image is from the iPhone?

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In the Mirrorless Age, Here’s an Argument for a DSLR

Mirrorless cameras might be the future. But there's a reason why most professional photographers still choose to shoot with a DSLR.

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8 photographers share the best way to store and organize the photos on your phone

Headlines about crushing student loan debt seem to have made a pretty strong impression on college-bound students in Generation Z, defined as a more-than 70 million strong cohort of teens and young adults born after 1996 — or more generally as those…

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The Best Camera Apps for the iPhone | Digital Trends

Smartphone cameras are nothing to scoff at, but there's something to be said for an app that works to extend the functionality of your phone. If you're looking to improve your Instagram game, or to simply capture better stills, we've rounded up some of th

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This is the coolest iPhone camera accessory ever made, and it’s on sale today only

The cameras on Apple’s latest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are absolutely incredible. They’re able to capture photos and videos with quality you won’t believe. As good as they are,…

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16 of the Best Apps for Landscape Photography

In this article, I’ll share my top 16 favorite apps that I use almost every time I have to plan a photography session, a photo trip, or a complex spot with a long hike in the mountain to get there.

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Olloclip has the Killer iPhone Camera Lens Kit You've Been Waiting For | The Manual

Smartphones ushered in this latest generation of mobile “prosumer” photography. While smartphone cameras aren’t yet up to par with their DSLR counterparts, they’re getting there. Thanks to clever add-on lenses like the latest from olloclip, they m

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This is How Smartphone Cameras Have Improved in the Past 5 Years

DxOMark has published an interesting look at how smartphone cameras have evolved and improved over the past half decade, starting from when the camera test

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Top 10 Best Cameras For Travel Photography - The Adventure Junkies

Travel Cameras 101. Find out why you need a good camera, what to consider when choosing one and the best cameras for travel photography available.

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Transforming a Boring Photo Into a Dramatic One With Photoshop

The mere mention of image manipulation may make some photographers cringe, but there’s no denying that some skill with Photoshop can enable you to completely transform an image.

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5-Minute Tutorial Reveals How To Make Boring Photos Look Awesome | Bored Panda

There are a ton of bad photos online and it's mostly because people simply can't be bothered with editing. But as this tutorial will show you, you don't need to

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The best iPhone photographs of 2016 – in pictures

The winners of the 9th annual iPhone photography awards have been announced, chosen from thousands of entries from 139 countries

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Prynt: Transforming an iPhone Into a Polaroid - Forbes

Two months ago, I previewed in this column several new future-like, functional iPhone cases that were soon coming to market. One of them, the Prynt Case, has hit virtual store shelves. Essentially, it's a one-inch thick sleeve that your iPhone slides into

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Holga's digital toy camera lets you take Instagram pics IRL

The Holga Digital toy camera lets you take filtered photos and save them to an SD card like a normal digital camera.

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8 Simple DIY Smartphone Photography Tips & Ideas - 121Clicks.com

In this video tutorial photographer Richard Schabetsberger demonstrate some creative smartphone photography tips & tricks. Watch and Enjoy. For more ph

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What The? Sony is Selling the a7R for $200 Instead of $1,900

Heads up: for some reason the Sony a7R full frame mirrorless camera is currently listed on the Sony Store for $199.99 instead of its regular price of $1,89

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Expectation vs Reality When Buying a New Camera

Here's a brilliant 45-second commercial that shows what expectation versus reality is like when buying a fancy new camera. People often have lofty ideas of

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Pro Photographers vs Non-Pro Photographers | Bob Mackowski

Have a hard time distinguishing the difference between professional images and non-professional snapshots? Please allow me a moment or two to show some specific differences and get into why you need a pro photographer for your wedding. Thanks to ...

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You Won't Believe These Incredible Photos Were All Taken With iPhones

Apple is turning the spotlight on its users in a new international ad campaign that will see photos taken “by real people” displayed on billboards across the world.

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Man and His Toy Airplane Optical Illusion | Mighty Optical Illusions

Take a look at this amazing Man and His Toy Airplane Optical Illusion illusion. Browse and enjoy our huge collection of optical illusions and mind bending images and videos.

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Kodak Jumping Into Smartphones with Photo-Centric Devices in 2015

Kodak is jumping into the world of smartphones to try and make a splash in mobile photography. The company has announced that it will be launching a number

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Instagram Updated with New Filters and Design

Just when you thought you had enough filters, Instagram goes and adds more along with an updated design and a whole slew of other new and improved features. Today the make-your-photos-look-better-than-they-are…

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Using Levels in Photoshop to Image Correct Color and Contrast

You will learn how to colour correct your images and enhance contrast using the Levels Tool in Photoshop

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Next iPhone Camera Said to Pack a 'Weird Two Lens System' That Delivers 'DSLR Quality'

One of the big selling points of each new iPhone since 2007 has been improved camera quality. If new rumors are to be believed, we may not have seen the bi

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The One Roll Challenge: What Would You Shoot if There Were Only One Roll of Film Left?

Inspired by Steve McCurry’s “The Last Roll of Kodachrome,” four Tokyo-based photographers took to the streets with only a single roll of 120 film and a Has

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9 black-and-white mobile camera apps go mono a mono - The Next Web

Monochrome is back in fashion — as if it every really left. Despite the ubiquity of color images native to digital cameras, the drama of black and white photography is... Keep reading →

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The 5 Best Apps to Up Your Instagram Game

Getting more likes on your Instagram photos could be as easy as adding one of these apps to your routine.

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Hipstamatic’s Makers Introduce Cinamatic, A New Video Editing App | TechCrunch

The makers of Hipstamatic, the app that was introduced in 2009 and gained a loyal following for its square-format photos and filters before Instagram took..