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Cut-throat Manager Suing Me for Torpedoing Her Career - Workplace Coach Blog

being sued by a former cutthroat manager

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Up Against a Workplace Street Fighter: 7 Traps to Avoid - Workplace Coach Blog

7 traps to avoid when a bully or workplace street fighter tries to flatten you

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Snappy Comebacks WHEN You Need Them - Workplace Coach Blog

When you work around bullies, snipers and gossipers, you need to be able to toss back comebacks under fire

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5 people problems and how to solve them – Medical Office Manager

Psychology | Psychology

Drama Triangle Collision & Escape - Workplace Coach Blog

The dreaded drama triangle; how it hooks you; what abusers are like; how to cut the wires.

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If You're Cyber-bullied, Here's What To Do - Workplace Coach Blog

It happened You thought it only happened in the movies or bad spy novels. Now, it’s happened to you. Unknown …

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What makes a bully & can they change? - Workplace Coach Blog

Can bullies change, can victims change, what makes a bully?

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Turning the Tables on Workplace Bullies - Workplace Coach Blog

Outsmart workplace bullies by turning the tables on them

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Save Your Career From a Vindictive Manager's Targeting: Here's How - Workplace Coach Blog

Handling a bully manager without losing your job or reputation

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What to do when your boss treats everyone badly - Workplace Coach Blog

Actions to take when you work for a bad boss

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3 Bully Tricks & How To Evade Them - Workplace Coach Blog

Bullies play tricks and wield weapons so they can dominate and win. If you’ve been on the wrong end of …

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Sex Offender On-site; What Do I Need To Do? - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I work in a retail store undergoing a remodel in a mall next to other stores that teens and …

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Targeted: New Supervisor Wants to Run Me Off - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: Note: this post addressed a question that came in through the Ask a Coach section of this blog. Two …

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Stopping a Bully Senior Manager Without Risking Your Job - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I face a situation that has no easy answer and no good solution. As the newly hired human resources …

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When Your Boss is the Bully & Has All the Power - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: Soon after I started a job as an HR generalist, my new peers came to me saying, “I don’t …

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Workplace Bullying: a resource from a workplace coach - Workplace Coach Blog

A new review of Beating the Workplace Bully by a publisher, editor and author: https://bit.ly/39gDz2L BLOG, BOOK REVIEWS BOOK REVIEW: BEATING THE WORKPLACE BULLY: A TACTICAL GUIDE TO TAKING CHARGE BY LYNNE CURRY PH.D. by fromthefrontporch At one point or

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Cyberbullying & And The Return Takedown - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: Several months ago, a new employee in my wife’s workplace downloaded a free Amazon.com app called Burn Book. After that, more and more of her coworkers downloaded the app and joined a Burn Book twitter account.  They started posting nasty ran

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This 11-year-old survived cancer. Bullying drove her to suicide, her family says

The Ohio middle school student had been subjected to incessant tormenting that day, according to reports, and told her friend she was going to kill herself when she got home. She shot herself with a handgun she got from her home. About 1 in 5 students rep