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New pressures for perfection contribute to rise in teen suicide – Orange County Register

Impossible expectations of perfection caused by Internet, pressure for digital ‘likes,’ causes new, alarming trend in teen suicide.

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Is a Teen Depressed, or Just Moody?

With reports of an increase in teenage depression, experts say parents should watch for major changes in their own children.

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This 11-year-old survived cancer. Bullying drove her to suicide, her family says

The Ohio middle school student had been subjected to incessant tormenting that day, according to reports, and told her friend she was going to kill herself when she got home. She shot herself with a handgun she got from her home. About 1 in 5 students rep

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Study ranks suicide rates for dozens of professions. Is your job there?

Researchers found the highest rates in manual laborers who work in isolation and face unsteady employment, but the rate varied enormously between professions.

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Robin Williams' Daughter Pens Heartbreaking Goodbye to Her Father

Robin Williams' daughter Zelda issued a heartbreaking goodbye to her father tonight with in a long, poignant statement posted on her Tumblr account.