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Work Junky? Unable to Disconnect on Vacation? | Workplace Coach Blog

Work junky? Unable to disconnect while on vacation? But do you want to disconnect? Does anyone anymore? If you do, here's how.

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Smarter Than My Boss: I Threaten Her | Workplace Coach Blog

My boss is threatened by me; I'm smarter than her and now I'm paying the price. Since you can't change her insecurity, here's what to do

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Clues Your Manager Is Threatened By You & What To Do When This Happens | Workplace Coach Blog

clues your manager is threatened by you and what to do when this happens

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What to Do When Your Career Blows Up, And Maybe Your Life | Workplace Coach Blog

dealing with career setbacks & personal life disasters: What to do when your career blows up after your life has and y

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5 Compelling Reasons to Start an Online Coaching Business

Here are five key reasons why starting an online coaching business is worth it.

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Zoom Hiders: What Does It Cost Them? | Workplace Coach Blog

Zoom Hiders: Camera Shy or Disengaged? What it costs hiders & how managers can get the video cams on.

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5 Habits of a Highly Effective Coach

Being a great coach is about more than just mastering technical skills. It's also about developing the right habits.

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Love your job but hate your boss? | Workplace Coach Blog

7 action steps when you love your job but hate your boss

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Looking for Mr. Goodboss | Workplace Coach Blog

Looking for Mr. Goodboss, tough love coaching if the problem is you

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Win a Promotion, Lose a Friend | Workplace Coach Blog

win a promotion; lose a friend; new supervisor problems with former coworkers

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New Year, Old Job, New You | Workplace Coach Blog

When you don't get the promotion you want and deserve, ask these questions, take these actions and find your next chapter

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You Were Doing Fine Until . . . What To Do When Something Unexpected Takes You Down | Workplace Coach Blog

Personal coaching: what to do when something unexpected takes you down

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You Didn’t Tell the Truth Before; Start | Workplace Coach Blog

Tell the truth, you didn't tell the truth before, start now

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I Don't Want to Return to Our Corporate Offices; Will My Decision Cost Me Future Promotions? - Workplace Coach Blog

remote employees risk losing promotions and being left behind

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Is It Time to Leave Your Job? - Workplace Coach Blog

Is it time to leave your job? What if your job is "good"?

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Are You a Bully Magnet? - Workplace Coach Blog

Are you a bully magnet? Here are 5 answers that tell you what you need to know.

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Propel Yourself Into a New Job, Promotion or Raise...with a bit of work...even if you're stuck @ home - Workplace Coach Blog

MOOC courses can propel yourself into a new job, promotion or raise even if you're stuck @ home

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How to Move Past an Employer's Betrayal - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I was laid off last week, along with two other employees, without advance warning or severance. I received a …

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The Past Hangs On: the baggage that compromises your career/life - Workplace Coach Blog

Dropping emotional baggage to free your brain and work life

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Cut-throat Manager Suing Me for Torpedoing Her Career - Workplace Coach Blog

being sued by a former cutthroat manager

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Former Manager Says "Fire Them All"; Separating Fact from Fiction - Workplace Coach Blog

Toxic workplace; former manager slings mud; decide for yourself

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COVID Career Reset - Workplace Coach Blog

COVID changed you; change your career

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If You Knew the True Story - Workplace Coach Blog

If you knew the true story you'd understand

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The Blame Shifter - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I admit it. I snap at coworkers. And sometimes customers. Maybe once a week. Not a lot. Only when …

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The Right Way to Apologize - Workplace Coach Blog

4 steps to an an effective apology

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When Your Boss Asks You to Lie - Workplace Coach Blog

Maintaining your ethics when your boss asks you to lie. How to tell the truth and keep your boss happy at the same time--in the short run.

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You Lost Out; The Promotion You Felt Was Yours Went to Someone Else - Workplace Coach Blog

Dealing with career setback so they're temporary, not permanent & so you win the next promotoin

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Navigating Your Landmines - Workplace Coach Blog

Navigate your landmines; bring light to your shadow side.

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Want to be a Great Supervisor: Do a 180: Coach - Workplace Coach Blog

If you want to be a great supervisor, become a trusted coach who respects employees

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Make Your Career Dream a Reality - Workplace Coach Blog

What are your career goals and dreams? Make them happen.

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Director Has Ice Water in Her Veins - Workplace Coach Blog

What can employees do when they work for a problem boss?

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7 Questions to ask when choosing an ICF Coach Training Program

Congratulations on having taken the decisive and courageous step to embark on this journey of “being a coach”

This can potentially change your career and your life. Before you begin, you need to ascertain what you should look for when selecting an ICF Coach Training Program.

There are many coach training institutes and many training programs to choose from. It can be very confusing. So, we will help you cut through the clutter and choose the one that is just right for you. Here are seven questions that you may ask yourself when selecting the best coach training program. Once you have done asking your questions, we hope that you will choose the Coach Certification from the International Coach(ing) Federation (ICF) for your coach training as it is considered as the GOLD standard in coaching and coach training, globally acclaimed and the most reputed one. More details are given below.


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Love/hate relationship with my boss - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: My boss and I have a love/hate relationship. He’s a good guy and smart but rough around the edges. …

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Political fighting in my workplace scorches me. - Workplace Coach Blog

Political discussions in the workplace expose employee to backlash.

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3 Bully Tricks & How To Evade Them - Workplace Coach Blog

Bullies play tricks and wield weapons so they can dominate and win. If you’ve been on the wrong end of …

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A Performance Improvement Plan Means Your Manager Plans to Fire You, Right? - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I’m been ordered to call you. Nothing personal against you, but I’m not having any. For the last year, …

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Be a Coach, Not a Supervisor; Here's What It Takes - Workplace Coach Blog

Be a coach, not a supervisor What’s the difference between coaching and supervising? Most of us value those who coach …

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Staying Upbeat at Work Despite an Emotionally Abusive Spouse - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I work in sales and COVID-19 has knocked our business to its knees. I fear being laid off and …

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My Job Is In Jeopardy Over A Comment I Made to a Friend On My Own Time - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: When my company promoted me to supervisor, my best friend took me out for a drink. That night he …

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Drama Queens & Kings: Office Politics on Steroids - Workplace Coach Blog

I work with two drama queens. “Arielle” is always sure I or others are out to get her and make …

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Office Politics and the Mudslinger - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: Those of us who haven’t been laid off returned to the office two weeks ago. I’m somewhat ostracized; this …

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Written for You - Workplace Coach Blog

I was interviewed this morning by Jerry Jenkins of Left Behind fame for a podcast to his 2000 students. He …

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Taking Suicide Down From 44% Times National Average to Zero - Workplace Coach Blog

The year was 1971. The suicide rate in Nome, Alaska was forty-four times national average. The most at risk were …

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Ask a Coach - Workplace Coach Blog

Workplace coach blog's Ask a Coach tool allows anyone to submit a question and receive free feedback from an expert. We've assisted thousands of businesses, this resource allows us to do the same to anyone in the world...at no cost!

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Your Supervisor Wants to Squash You?: What Part of The Problem Do You Own? - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: Normally, my new employer’s office manager hires and supervises administrative assistants, but she was on a cruise in March …

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The Big NO-I Slept with My Boss - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I did the big NO. I slept with my boss. At first it was exciting, and then it got old, but I didn’t know how to end it. Turns out, I didn’t need to. Someone spotted us coming out of a restaurant and necking in the parking lot afterward. She

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Workplace Bullying: a resource from a workplace coach - Workplace Coach Blog

A new review of Beating the Workplace Bully by a publisher, editor and author: https://bit.ly/39gDz2L BLOG, BOOK REVIEWS BOOK REVIEW: BEATING THE WORKPLACE BULLY: A TACTICAL GUIDE TO TAKING CHARGE BY LYNNE CURRY PH.D. by fromthefrontporch At one point or

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Four Mistakes That Could Cost You a Job - Workplace Coach Blog

You expected a job offer. You knew you interviewed well.  The interviewer shook your hand when you both stood up, said “great interview,” and chatted with you on your way to the elevator. Then, the form letter rejection. Would you like to kno

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Dishonest Former Supervisor's Bad Reference Haunts Me - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: After eight months of putting up with a problem supervisor, “Alex,” I quit a job I liked and left coworkers I enjoyed. Alex was sneaky and smooth, but he had charisma. He came on like he was your best friend and committed to honesty, but he

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Lisa Victoria - Healthy Mind, Body & Energy

Lisa Victoria inspires others to create the change they desire. She works with both individuals and corporate companies to realise their potential. When people are thinking good, feeling good, their behaviour changes and everything around them. Expect inc

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High school football coach forced to resign after winning by too much

Avondale La Joya Community High School football coach Devin Dourisseau said he stepped down after administrators were upset his team won by a final score of 60-0.

Sports | NBA

Sources: Cavaliers fire coach David Blatt - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: David Blatt is out as Cleveland's coach less than a year after the Cavaliers reached the NBA Finals.

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Optimism: The Hidden Asset • Six SecondsSix Seconds

Bruna Martinuzzi, a specialist in bringing EQ into leadership, provides a practical view of optimism as a leadership asset. She offers 17 concrete action steps to develop and apply this key competence. The article includes links and references to numerous

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Overcoming video game addiction in children | iMore

Video games are great. I love them. I podcast about them. But when it comes to my children, my husband and I have a strict system to help them maintain balance and learn moderation. How your child or children react to playing video games can vary. It's an

Health & Fitness | Family Coach Training

Coaching and Academics?

Learn How and Why Coaching Fits Better with Education than Psychology

Family & Parenting | Family and Parenting

Incredible Poet Proves Just How Influential Teen Girls Can Be

“You are the first drop of rain in a hurricane.” That’s what being a teenage girl means to Clementine von Radics. The 23-year-old traveling poet performed her spoken word poem, “Advice for Teenage Girls with Wild Ambitio...

Health & Fitness | Family Coach Training

5 Reasons Why Now Is The Time to Become a Family Coach

parent coaching, parent coach training, family coach, family coach training, Certified Family Coach

Family & Parenting | Family and Parenting


Certified Family Coaches work with Teenagers, Parents and Families. "It works"

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Parent Coach Diana Sterling with The Parent as Coach® Approach

Parent Coach Diana Sterling

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