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If An Expected Question Throws You, How You Can Recover and Get Back In the Game | Workplace Coach Blog

If an unexpected job interview question throws you, here's how you can recover and get back in the game

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A Terrific Applicant; A Hard-to-fill Position and an Outstanding Warrant - Workplace Coach Blog

When your #1 candidate has a warrant for her arrest AND you REALLY want to hire her

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Getting the Truth From Job Applicants - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: Every job applicant I’ve interviewed in the last ten days claims to be a “team player” and “motivated by …

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Turned Down for a Job Despite Being More Than Qualified - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I’ve been looking for a job for two months without landing one.  It torches me that I’ve not even …

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Dishonest Former Supervisor's Bad Reference Haunts Me - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: After eight months of putting up with a problem supervisor, “Alex,” I quit a job I liked and left coworkers I enjoyed. Alex was sneaky and smooth, but he had charisma. He came on like he was your best friend and committed to honesty, but he

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Who's the REAL person? - Workplace Coach Blog

You thought the job applicant knocked it out of the park with his resume and his answers to your interview questions. You interviewed the references he provided. Do you make the offer? Not so fast. Have you checked out the real person behind the resume an

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25 great questions to ask your future boss

It’s time for my twice-a-year update of the best questions for you to ask in an interview. This year, I’ve asked my classmates from Harvard Business School, class of 1998, to weigh in with *their…

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Interviewing for a job? It takes almost twice as long now - CBS News

The average job seeker now spends 23 days in the interview process, an 80 percent jump from 2010