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Therapy for schizophrenia

Nick has been on the street due to schizophrenia; He is a very bright and loving 40 year old with whom I have been having lunch with, twice a week for the past 3 months. Nick’s Heart  opened up and he is willing to receive professional help. Nick inher

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Fighting through the darkness

During the fourth year of my Ph.D. program, I found myself walking through the door of my university's counseling center, seeking help for a dangerously strong urge to commit suicide. With the help of the compassionate people in that office, I pulled thro

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What Meditation Did For Me – and Can For You Too

Author Dan Harris and meditation expert Joseph Goldberg discuss how even the busiest, most distracted person can find a calmer state of mind.

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Treating #Depression by Training Your #Amygdala

A recent study indicates that increasing activity in the amygdala during positive memory retrieval can have a strong antidepressant effect in depressed individuals.

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A New Way To Understand And Treat Depression

It can pull you out of the hustle of daily life — and into meaning-making.

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Therapy for Addictions and Compulsions

People may develop addictions or compulsions to mask or find relief, however temporary, from greater psychological concerns, such as depression or anxiety.

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For Better Talk Therapy, Try Napping

Doctors are finding creative ways to make cognitive behavioral therapy more effective.

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How Does That Make You Feel?: True Confessions from Both Sides of the Therapy Couch

How Does That Make You Feel?: True Confessions from Both Sides of the Therapy Couch [Sherry Amatenstein] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. How Does That Make You Feel? obliterates the boundaries between the shrink and the on

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Trauma is the root cause of addiction, according to Dr. Gabor Mate

Trauma is at the nature of addiction according to Dr. Gabor Maté. “Addiction is only a symptom, it’s not the fundamental problem. The fundamental problem is trauma,” said Dr. Maté…

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The Truth About Hypnosis: 10 Myths & Misconceptions

For many years, I have taught seminars for both health care professionals and for the public

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How Pets Improve Your Health

Learn about the positive benefits pets have on our human health from veterinarian Dr. Eva Evans for Pets Best pet health insurance.

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Somatic Experiencing & Massage Therapy

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Can Cryotherapy’s Chill Help Muscles, Joints?

Can a few minutes in a frigid cryotherapy chamber speed muscle recovery after a hard workout, ease joint pain and encourage healing?

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5 Questions to Ask a Child Psychologist

Find the right psychologist for your child and your family.

Psychology | Parenting and Kids

Calming Stormy Feelings: A Child's Introduction to Psychotherapy: Sarah Abel, Karen Zilberstein:

Calming Stormy Feelings: A Child's Introduction to Psychotherapy- Knowing how to help children with their feelings can be challenging for all parents, but when feelings grow too strong, they create storms that burst through and change the way children act. This book aims to introduce parents and children to the world of feelings and psychotherapy.

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Miniature Therapy Horses Are Just What The Doctor Ordered

These miniature therapy horses are basically magical creatures. One of them is even named Magic. Magic, who often wears a custom tuxedo, made Time magazine's list of the top 10 heroic animals in history

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Talking To A Therapist Could Be The Secret To Sleeping Better

Sleeping pills may not be the only option for the 50million to 70 million Americans suffering from chronic insomnia. A new review of research suggests that talking to a therapist should be the first

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Thermotex Personal Therapy Systems

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