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Fixing chronic back pain is possible only when patients understand how much it is produced by the brain, not the spine.

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14 Ways to Relieve Back Pain

Don't suffer with lower back pain. WebMD shows you ways to get back pain relief, including back pain medication, lifestyle changes, and back pain surgery.

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A Thoughtful History of Taking Control of Our Minds

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) is the Most Successful Iteration of a Longstanding Quest

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Fix Everyday Pains With Just One Move

A quick stretch, yoga pose, or on-the-spot exercise can help fix sudden aches from head to toe. Learn how to quash pain with just one move.

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Here's an Easy Way to Help Your Low Back Pain

Researchers say that self-administered acupressure, a traditional Chinese medicine technique, can help improve lower back pain and reduce the brutal pain that comes with it.

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VR Exercise Provides Medication-Free Benefits

Medical professionals have been telling patients for years that exercise helps with fibromyalgia and other debilitating conditions that cause chronic pain, but it’s difficult to be motivated to move when it hurts. With the possibility of medication-free

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Amazing Sleep Pillow Supports Knees, Back, and Hips to Alleviate Pain

We have a passion for simple, comfortable living while being focused on sustainable and earth-friendly practices.

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Dr Michael Mosley shows how to beat chronic pain simply by breathing | Daily Mail Online

By taking long, deep breaths, you are forcing your diaphragm, the big muscle that lies beneath the lungs, downwards, making your belly expand. This reduces tension and stress, says Dr Mosley.

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Spurred by opioid epidemic, new pain drugs may lower the risk of overdose and addiction | Science | AAAS

By slowing action or targeting different receptors, altered opioids or alternatives aim to sidestep abuse

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6 ways to use your mind to control pain - Harvard Health

Mind-body techniques can help reduce the need for pain medication. Techniques include deep breathing, eliciting the relaxation response, meditation with guided imagery, mindfulness, yoga and tai chi, and positive thinking.

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Aches and Pains Slideshow: How to Get Relief

Many things that hurt can be treated with over-the-counter painkillers and rest, ice, compression, and elevation. When is it time to call the doctor?

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Plantar Fasciitis Insoles [Ultimate Guide + Infographic]

Take a step towards pain relief by choosing the best plantar fasciitis insoles. Understand gait, pronation, & these tips before overpaying for custom orthotics

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The Science of Stretch | The Scientist Magazine®

The study of connective tissue is shedding light on pain and providing new explanations for alternative medicine.

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