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The Brain’s Support Cells May Play a Key Role in OCD

A newly discovered cellular mechanism that involves astrocytes, as well as neurons, appears to be involved in repetitive behaviors and OCD.

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Research finds negative effects of screen time on kids, including risk of OCD

Two new studies show associations between screen time and behavioral and psychological risks for children.

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Brain Signals Associated With OCD Discovered by Scientists For First Time

Scientists have been able to observe brain activity linked with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in more detail than ever before – and if these neural signals can be identified, it opens up the possibility of being able to change them as well.

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Striving For Perfection, Rather Than Excellence, Can Kill Creativity – Research Digest

By Emily Reynolds. "Excellencism" predicted higher creativity and increased openness, while perfectionism predicted lower scores on these measures

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Why Having OCD Does Not Prepare You for Covid-19 | Psychology Today

No, I haven't been training for this moment for years. Contamination OCD is not a superpower.

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Hypnosis Changed My Life and my Sleep

When my anxiety and insomnia returned, my therapist suggested a new form of treatment. The results challenged my inner skeptic.

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What is it like to experience mental health problems? – Research Digest

A roundup of the research we've covered over the years that's explored what it's like to live with mental health problems, from OCD to hearing voices

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With Short, Intense Sessions, Some Patients Finish Therapy in Just Weeks - The New York Times

The new psychological approach targets anxiety, PTSD and other mental disorders. Fewer people drop out with short-term treatment, and relief is quicker.

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OCD and Mindfulness

We hear a lot about the concept of mindfulness these days. Simply put, mindfulness is the act of focusing on the present moment in a nonjudgmental way. It involves noticing and accepting what is. If you or a loved one suffer from obsessive-compulsive diso

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15+ Celebrities Who Revealed Their Mental Illnesses To Help Others Find Courage | Bored Panda

It's hard to talk about your problems, but sometimes, someone else breaking the ice can help. And despite one in five Americans suffering from a diagnosable mental illness, this is a topic which many feel uncomfortable facing.

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34 Inventions That Anxious People Wish Existed

Because you really need a translator that deciphers what that person meant when they texted you "k." ..