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Sleep regression in babies and toddlers | BabyCenter

Find out why your child's sleep may take a step backward, what causes sleep regression, and how to cope – and help your child learn to sleep well.

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Other Things Not To Say To A New Mom

I get it. I’m a new mom. For some reason that gives you license to give me advice. I’m sure you mean well. But you can shut the fuck up.

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Baby Bullet Review

We asked a parent to put the Baby Bullet to the test — here's what she had to say.

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WATCH: Author Brilliantly Deconstructs 4 Arguments Made By Pro-Abortion Activists

A video was recently posted to the “Students for Life of America” Facebook page showing how easily pro-abortion arguments fall apart under scrutiny. While the video – a speech by Catholic author Trent Horn – is not itself new, it warrants examination. Hor

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I Read All The Baby Sleep Books So You Don't Have To

I read all the baby sleep books I could get my hands on: Ferber, Sears, Healthy Sleep, Sleeping Through the Night, etc. Here's the summary of all of them.

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Playtime Activities to Do With Baby in the First Year

Follow this month-by-month guide of fun ways to support baby’s development during the first 12 months, from The Bump.

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9 Babyproofing Mistakes Most Parents Make

You of course want to keep baby safe, but it can be hard to think of every possible hazard. Find out which babyproofing to-dos many parents forget about, so you don’t make the same mistake.

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9 Benefits Of Formula Feeding, Because Fed Is Best

Breastfeeding or formula feeding should be a choice that all moms get to make for themselves, without fear of being judged, shamed, or guilted for whatever they decide. The key word there is should be, because unfortunately, that's not always the…

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The 7 Best Things I Did For Myself As a First Time Mom

Becoming a mom comes with a lot of changes, but taking care of yourself needs to be prioritized. Here are 7 ways to help set yourself up for success.

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The 5 Stages of Sleep Loss When You Have a Baby | Pregnant Chicken

I’ve discovered that the five stages of grief & the five stages of sleep loss have uncanny similarities. From denial to acceptance, we cover them all.

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Colic in Babies - How to Treat and Cope With Colic | familydoctor.org

Colic in babies is crying that lasts for more than 3 hours a day at least 3 days per week for more than 3 weeks. Learn how to treat and cope with colic.

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Find out What Is the Right Room Temperature for a Newborn

While chilly temperatures can make a baby fussy, an overheated room can increase the risk of ​sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).​​

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Introducing Solids: When to Start Baby Food

Use this baby food starter guide to know when baby may be ready for solids and how to introduce those foods into baby's diet safely.

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Pampers is making a 'smart' diaper. Yes, really

It's come to this: Babies may soon be wearing Pampers smart diapers.

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10 Weird Things That Happen When You Bring Baby Home From The Hospital, According To Moms

You've had a baby. Congratulations! Your life will never be the same. No really, like never. As a mother of two, I can tell you that every day is an adventure. That's the word us veterans say to the rookies because "adventure" sounds better than

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New law requiring rear-facing car seats for kids 2 and under goes into effect July 1

Starting on July 1, a new law will make it mandatory for all children who are two years old or younger to be in a rear facing car seat, or until they meet the minimum weight requirements for a forward facing car seat.

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Baby born size of an apple defies odds to survive

Baby Saybie was given just hours to live when she was born weighing just 245g (8.6oz) in San Diego.

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Tummy Time: When to Start and How to do

Wondering when to start baby on tummy time? Learn why tummy time is important to baby development and how it make fun.

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Do I Have To Feed My Baby Cereal & Other Recommended Foods? Experts Explain

When it comes to what to feed your baby, and when, there are plenty of opinions out there. Of course, most parents stick to the newborn to 1-year-old feeding guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). However, parents with…

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The Science of "Mom Brain" | Psychology Today

Has parenting made you more forgetful? Emotional? Ever blame it on "mom brain"? Here's the science behind how our brains might change after becoming a parent.

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The Best Baby Wipes: The Brands With The Safest Ingredients | The Gentle Nursery ™

Overwhelmed by the number of baby wipes on the market? The best baby wipes are the ones that work well and also reduce your baby’s exposure to harsh chemicals and fragrances. There are actually very few brands that meet these criteria. Here’s

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AAP: Most Moms Don’t Put Babies To Sleep On Their Backs

Find out how many moms are putting babies to sleep on their backs, and why so many moms are ignoring AAP guidelines to do so.

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Study: Babies Introduced To Solid Foods Earlier Sleep Longer, Wake Less Frequently At Night - Study Finds

If getting your infant to wake up less frequently overnight and log more hours of shuteye overall, then this research is for you. A new study finds that babies transitioned to solid food earlier sleep longer and woke less frequently overnight compared to

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Study: Babies' Brainwaves Sync with Their Moms' Brains During Play

Check out a new study which says babies’ brainwaves’ sync with their moms’ brains when they are learning from them.

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Parents don't get enough sleep for 6 years after a child is born, researchers say

New parents are sometimes shocked to discover how little sleep they get in the first six months after a baby is born.

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11 Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both Mom and Baby

Breastfeeding has many benefits for both babies and their mothers. It can protect against illness and disease while promoting a healthy weight.

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Oh, baby! Walmart to offer big discounts on Feb. 23 for 'Baby Savings Day'

Cribs, car seats, clothes, sippy cups, diaper bags, pacifiers. There is a lot that goes into having a baby, and Walmart&

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Air Pollution May Increase Risk Of Autism In Children By 78 Percent - Study Finds

As scientists begin to delve more deeply into the effects of air pollution on very young children, they've unearthed an alarming statistic: exposure to fine pollution particles may increase the risk of children developing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by

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Is It Sleep Deprivation or Postpartum Depression? - National Sleep Foundation

Are you sleep-deprived—or is it more serious? Here’s what separates sleep deprivation and postpartum depression.

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Baby Talk May Sound Silly, But It's Crucial For Building Language Skills - Study Finds

When Mommy and Daddy use baby talk, it is more than child's play. That repetitive, cute speech pattern that seems to come so naturally to most parents, grandparents and caregivers also speeds up vocabulary development and language skills, a recent study f

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Are Birth Rates Set For A Rebound?

The current stubbornly low birth rates could be on the verge of a rise, away from the economically and culturally divided low-birth-rate society described in Charles Murray's "Coming Apart," and toward something suggested by Donald Trump's "

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Get To Know The Crucial Fourth Trimester – Mommy Underground

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Weekly Blood Donor for 60 Years Saved the Lives of 2.4 Million Babies | Breitbart

An 81-year-old man who donated blood almost every week for 60 years saved the lives of more than 2.4 million babies, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service announced Friday.

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Childs Farm baby moisturiser, cocoa & shea butter 250ml

Description Ingredients Directions Childs Farm award-winning, mildly fragranced, baby moisturiser contains some of nature’s finest ingredients. It’s been specially formulated to help protect and hydrate baby’s delicate skin. With gorgeous shea and

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Positive Parenting and the Brain

You're never going to look back on your life and say, "I wish hadn't been so kind to my children!"

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The secret world of babies

This lab is revealing the hidden workings of babies’ brains… and could prove key in getting earlier support to children who have neurological differences like autism.

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Israeli researchers find cybersecurity flaws in baby monitors, web cameras

Ben-Gurion University team was able to blast music through a baby monitor, turn off a thermostat and turn on a camera remotely

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The embryo that is just a year younger than the mother who birthed her - CNN

The longest-cryopreserved human embryo to result in a successful birth was conceived and frozen in 1992 and born last month.

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What the First Year of Life Looks Like Through the Eyes of a Baby | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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Put Your Baby in a Box? Experts Advise Caution

The free cardboard boxes, which double as a baby’s first bed, aren’t regulated and have not been proven to reduce infant mortality.

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Don’t Hate Your Husband: Advice for New Mothers

The first years of parenthood are tough on couples. A few survival tips.

Psychology | Parenting and Kids

When Do Children Start Making Long-Term Memories?

Dima Amso, an associate professor in the department of cognitive, linguistic and psychological sciences at Brown University, answers

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Fish oil pills for pregnant moms may cut asthma risk in kids

Children whose moms took high doses of fish oil during their last three months of pregnancy were less likely to develop chronic wheezing problems or asthma by age 5, finds a study that suggests a possible way to help prevent this growing problem.

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Babies Watching People Eat

Even 1-year-olds know that our food choices depend on our social or cultural group.

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How Babies Quickly Learn to Judge Adults

Even if toddlers can’t tell us, they are making hard and fast judgments about adults, Susan Pinker says about new research.

Family & Parenting | Family and Parenting

When three threatens two: Sex and the transition to parenthood

The transition from two to three is one of the most profound challenges a couple will ever face. It takes...

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Cruise ship nurses use a makeshift incubator to save one-and-a-half pound baby born three MONTHS premature

Utah mom Emily Morgan said doctors didn't expect her son Haiden to live, but thanks to a makeshift incubator onboard the Royal Caribbean and an early arrival in Puerto Rico, he did.

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Darth Vader's breathing soothes crying baby to sleep

Parents will try anything to get their kid to stop crying and go to bed — even the Dark Side.

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Thieving rabbit steals cracker right out of a baby's hand

A cute baby learns that rabbits like crackers -- the hard way.

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9 Remarkable Ultrasound Images | Mental Floss

It has become commonplace for pregnant women to undergo ultrasonography, or medical sonography, to check the physical health and progress of their unborn baby...

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Sculptor makes terrifyingly cute 'Jaws' crib

Sculptor Joseph Reginella created a baby crib for his friend's newborn inspired by the 'Jaws'.

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Buddy's Baby Crawling School

For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom Bear Bear hasn't gotten the hang of crawling so Buddy decided to show her how it's done.

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Drawing brows on babies is now a thing - Lost At E Minor: For creative people

It must be said that we are always finding new ways of amusing ourselves. The latest thing to have taken the Internet by storm, apparently, is that of draw