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How Chocolate Can Help Save the Planet

You can count on the fact that chocolate will, as always, be a mainstay of Valentine’s Day. You can also count on the fact that cocoa bean cultivation is bad for the environment—especially for the rain forests of West Africa. That, along with concerns

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Pentagon Working on Radical New Fighting Style: Mosaic Warfare

In the secretive labs of the Pentagon, top military minds are working on a new fighting style. Their ...

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Quiz: Birth Order and Personality, Relationships, Theory, and More

Take this WebMD quiz to find out how your birth order may affect who you are.

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China, Russia and US: New Power Dynamics in Middle East After Soleimani’s Death

The power-dynamics in the Middle East after Soleimani’s death is redrawn between Iran, China, and Russia vis-a-vis the US, according to analysts.

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Edible Insects: Bugs You Can Eat

If you can get past your initial reaction to them, insects aren’t only edible but also can be good for you.

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The 20 wealthiest counties in the U.S., including these Washington, DC, suburbs: Report | Fox Business

Nine of the 20 richest counties in the U.S. are suburbs of Washington, D.C., according to a recent report.

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Pictures of Cleaning Schedule and Tips; Home Maintenance

Are you keeping your home as healthy as you could? Find out from this WebMD slideshow when you should clean or replace these common household and personal items.

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Degrading Family Structures Contributes to Mass Shootings: Family Research Council

Ret. Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin of the Family Research Council told us that fatherlessness and a deteriorating family structure is linked to mass shootings.

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Where Millennials end and Generation Z begins | Pew Research Center

Pew Research Center now uses 1996 as the last birth year for Millennials in our work. President Michael Dimock explains why.

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Pictures of Body Language and What It Means

Learn how your posture, gestures, and expressions may shape how others see you.

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Red Sea–Dead Sea Water Conveyance - Wikipedia

Advice & Self-Help | Psychology & Relationships

Sociopath vs. Narcissist: What's the Difference? - Health

A sociopath and narcissist are similar dangerous personality types, but there is a key way to tell them apart. Find out what an expert says about the

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Your ‘Third Eye’ Is Hidden In Your Brain. Here’s What Scientists Have Discovered About It

Did you know that there is a "third eye" buried deep inside your brain? Modern medical science has ...

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Are Birth Rates Set For A Rebound?

The current stubbornly low birth rates could be on the verge of a rise, away from the economically and culturally divided low-birth-rate society described in Charles Murray's "Coming Apart," and toward something suggested by Donald Trump's "

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George Soros Bet Big on Liberal Democracy. Now He Fears He Is Losing. - The New York Times

His enemies paint him as all-powerful, but the billionaire philanthropist believes that his political legacy has never been in greater jeopardy.

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Married woman and mechanic die from carbon monoxide poisoning while having sex in garage: report | Fox News

A married woman and her mechanic lover reportedly died from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning while having sex in a parking garage.

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Stonehenge secret: Did builders use Pythagoras' theorem 2,000 years before the philosopher lived? | Fox News

The famous ancient site at Stonehenge may have been built using Greek philosopher Pythagoras’ famous theorem two millennia before the mathematical equation was developed, experts say.

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

5 Personality Traits That Make Life Better

There are many paths to a good life. Some are just more rigorously studied than others.

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

100 Viral Entertainment Websites To Visit When You're Bored

After two years of my search for viral, cool websites, i have found literally hundreds of viral websites that are cool as hell. Here are best 101 from them.