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Low Self-Control When for Online Sales Relates to High Risk For Cybercrime

If you've got low self-control, there's a good chance you'll fall victim to cybercrime, a recent study out of Michigan State University finds.

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Mastering Hotel Distribution: 5 Tips To Get You There

Learn how to implement a successful multi-channel approach to online hotel distribution to attract new guests. Develop the best channel optimisation strategy to overcome distribution challenges and ensure a quality guest experience.

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5 Key Benefits of Having Central Reservation System

It is impossible to run a hotel successfully without selling rooms. The more, the better. Speaking of that, a central reservation system can really exceed your expectations.

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Five Trendy Purposes of Modern Hostel Management Software

Wondering how to manage your hostel better? Learn more about the benefits of cloud-based hostel software. Let's mention some of them only: You can run your business from any device, any time. A comprehensive hostel management system is also designed to ma

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Top 9 Promising Hospitality Trends for 2018

In an ever-changing hospitality industry, it is important to keep up with the trends. Embracing innovation and technology is essential to creating a better marketing strategy oriented to millennials. Take a deeper look at the hotel trends and factors shap

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Cufflinks That Augment Your Professional Look

A “cufflink” is an attractive fastener used to bind the cuffs of the sleeve on a shirt, blouse, dress or blouse. People have been wearing this accessory since 17th century ...