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The 20 Biggest Software Flops of All Time

It weighs nothing and often requires dozens or even hundreds of people to make. And sometimes software fails spectacularly.

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Ken Paxton to Newsmax TV: There's a Reason Texas Rejected Dominion

As Dominion Voting Systems software comes increasingly under scrutiny in contested presidential elections this cycle, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton tells Newsmax TV his state tested the software and rejected it.

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The Best Free Software to Install on Your New Laptop

You’ve unboxed yourself a brand new laptop, logged in, changed the wallpaper to something more your taste, and... now what? Let us direct to you a collection of the best free software you need to install straight away, whether your new machine is runnin

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Software on Vinyl Records Pt.1/2 | ft. Techmoan [Tech Nibble]

● Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/RetroManCave ● MonsterJoysticks: https://monsterjoysticks.com/RMC ● 1ClickPrint: https://www.1clickprint.com#retromancave ...

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Mastering Hotel Distribution: 5 Tips To Get You There

Learn how to implement a successful multi-channel approach to online hotel distribution to attract new guests. Develop the best channel optimisation strategy to overcome distribution challenges and ensure a quality guest experience.

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5 Key Benefits of Having Central Reservation System

It is impossible to run a hotel successfully without selling rooms. The more, the better. Speaking of that, a central reservation system can really exceed your expectations.

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How to Deal with Overbooking, Underbooking and Double-Booking

Distribute your hotel’s inventory on the best channels to increase revenue. Though the overbooking is an old revenue management strategy, it may risk your hotel’s reputation. That’s where the channel manager comes in. You can easily manage rates and

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Five Trendy Purposes of Modern Hostel Management Software

Wondering how to manage your hostel better? Learn more about the benefits of cloud-based hostel software. Let's mention some of them only: You can run your business from any device, any time. A comprehensive hostel management system is also designed to ma

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Top 9 Promising Hospitality Trends for 2018

In an ever-changing hospitality industry, it is important to keep up with the trends. Embracing innovation and technology is essential to creating a better marketing strategy oriented to millennials. Take a deeper look at the hotel trends and factors shap

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How to Create the Ultimate Guest Experience

Creating a memorable guest experience is the key to boosting loyalty and increasing hotel revenue. See how to improve your guest engagement with a modern cloud-based PMS solution and pre-arrival emails. Be ahead of your competition and learn how to delive

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The Benefits of Online Booking Systems

See all the benefits of an online booking system. All-in-one cloud-based hotel software to manage your business in real time. Learn how to increase your direct bookings and customise travel packages. Give your guests an effortless and easy-to-use online b

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‘Error 53’ fury mounts as Apple software update threatens to kill your iPhone 6 | Money | The Guardian

It’s the message that spells doom and will render your handset worthless if it’s been repaired by a third party. But there’s no warning and no fix

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10 essential Mac utilities | Macworld

Whenever Kirk McElhearn sets up a new Mac, these are the apps he installs first.

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A fight is brewing over ads in the 'open-source Photoshop'

Far from just being that character in Pulp Fiction, GIMP is also an open-source alternative to Photoshop that's given away freely for all to use. Unfortu

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Yahoo & Localytics extend their analytics platforms to support Apple Watch apps

With more than 3,000 apps for the Apple Watch already on the App Store for Apple's new device, two major analytics platforms today announced support for Apple Watch apps through their respective SD...

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Office 2016 For Mac Preview Now Available, No Office 365 Subscription Required

Microsoft already told us Office 2016 for Mac was coming, but the public preview is out now as a free download, without any Office 365 subscription required...

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Adobe is suing Forever 21 for pirating Photoshop

Forever 21 has been pirating Photoshop, according to a new lawsuit from Adobe, and it's facing serious fines as a result. The suit was filed yesterday in California District Court, alleging that...

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Exodist Photography Blog: Whats In Your Software Bag - My Photography Apps | Photo Talk

A question I often get asked is what software do I use to edit my photos in and with so many programs out there for both PC and Mac it can be overwhelming on what one should purchase. In this video I talk about the software I use, what I think is best and

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Smooth Surface SAML Single Sign-On -

Under the surface, SAML Single Sign-on's webbed feet are paddling like crazy to complete the SAML algorithm that performs secure and seamless transitions

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Pack Those Authentication Fears Away: Authentication -

Certain 2FA solutions help make the transition to stronger authentication easy. PortalGuard’s Crossroads tech brief, Navigating the Authentication Crossroad

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False Positives – Bane to Users and Admins Alike -

With regards to security software, false positives create ambiguity that is confusing in its most benign form and dangerous in its most malevolent . . .

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Transparent Ally Part 2: Transparent Authentication -

Contextual authentication has been around for years, but is finally starting to gain traction. It seeks to leverage extra information the computer can use

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A Call to Arms: Password Management -

IT Hero, diligence and fortitude has created a Utopia of safety . . . Without proper Password Management rules in place, all your efforts are for not.

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Let the Professionals Build: SaaS Tech Brief -

Countless SaaS providers are facing a similar issue today except without the Lincoln Logs. They might have the experience and resources - SaaS Tech Brief

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SAML SSO Neck Tie -

The masses will be happy to be free of so many passwords, but as more users and resources are added to the system . . . Learn more about SAML SSO

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Obama Initiates BuySecure: YOU Can Help Defeat Cyber Attacks -

President Obama took a minute to thank businesses of all sizes that are making an effort to defeat cyber attacks. “I want to thank all the business leaders

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The Age of Self Reliance: Self-service Password Reset -

The Age of Self Reliance: Self-service. I think it goes without saying that most of us would want to be known as self-reliant. Not the kind of self-reliant

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Passwords: The Frequent Nightmare (SAML Single sign-on) -

Are you exhausted of having to remember all of your passwords and which password goes with each account? The SAML Single Sign-on tech brief expounds on . . .

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Snapchat Takes a Hit -

Snapchat has claimed that it has not been breached, but rather a third party app, snapsaved.com, had fallen victim of this data breach. Snapsaved.com . . .

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Client App Nirvana -

App stores are relatively new, so they have learned from the decades of . . . As an example, PortalGuard’s PassiveKey feature is a two-factor implementation

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It's Me! I Just Forgot Who I Am! Password Recovery -

UGH! I knooow I forgot my password, but I know my mother’s maiden name! I just want my password back! Password recovery is nothing new. As a matter a fact

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The Yin and Yang of Single Sign-On -

User’s that must have access to multiple protected resources during their work day will see this same type of conundrum. Single Sign-On will be put in . . .

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Silent Authentication: Transparent Ally Part 1 -

Silent Authentication: to better understand a computer’s disadvantages, let’s start eliminating the advantages you have as a human . . .

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A Call to Arms: Second Factor Authentication -

By logging in with this second factor authentication (2FA), they limit not only their vulnerability but that of the Kingdom! But you are wise, brave hero

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Is the Cost of 2FA Too High? Two-factor Authentication Methods -

Two-factor Authentication Methods: there's no need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect your environment with 2FA, like RSA’s SecurID.

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A Call to Arms: Single Sign-On -

Achievement unlocked IT Hero! You have successfully completed the first . . . By fortifying the castle gates with an Single Sign-on solution, you allow your end users

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Stop Being the Victim of Data Breaches, Start Being the Hero! -

Data breaches are becoming increasingly more costly for companies. One way that companies can increase security is increasing . . .

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Two Factor Auth List

List of sites with Two Factor Auth support which includes SMS, email, phone calls, hardware, and software.

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PortalGuard For Education

Get stronger self-service password reset and stronger single sign-on for education to increase login security.

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Two-factor, single sign-on, and password reset User Authentication

The PortalGuard software is an authentication solution-set which is focused on enhancing usability, while maintaining a balance between security, auditing, and compliance for your web and desktop authentication requirements. PortalGuard provides capabilit

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New Mapping Software Gives You the Scenic Route!

Most GPS mapping apps are designed to get you where you want to go quickly. But for those who seek the scenic route, experimental software being developed by Yahoo researchers promises paths that are not just efficient, but also beautiful, pleasant and emotionally stimulating.