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PODCAST | A Final Visit With Chuck Wilder

Listen now (43 min) | Before we get into this week's segment on Talkback with Chuck Wilder – our last segment with Chuck Wilder on that program (he is retiring at the end of the month), I wanted to acknowledge his incredible career.

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Bing: “I will not harm you unless you harm me first”

Last week, Microsoft announced the new AI-powered Bing: a search interface that incorporates a language model powered chatbot that can run searches for you and summarize the results, plus do …

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Microsoft and Google are about to Open an AI battle

Microsoft and Google are both holding AI press events this week. With rumors of Bing getting ChatGPT and Google building a rival, the two tech giants are on course to butt heads again.

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She's No 'Showgirl': Microsoft Pummels the Problematic by Correcting Your Unwoke Words

Whatever you're involved in, you don't have a 'mistress.'

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Microsoft's woke word filter a new 'mechanism of mind control'

Vivek Ramaswamy sounded off Friday on “Fox & Friends” on Microsoft introducing a new software to correct some terms seen as not politically correct.

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Microsoft Office for free: Get Word, Excel and PowerPoint without paying anything - CNET

You can access every Microsoft 365 tool without spending any money. Just note that there are some caveats.

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'Awakened capital embodied': Microsoft event opens with land recognitions and pronouns - Asume Tech

from Microsoft virtual Ignite 2021 conference was all hybrid work, metaverse and the cloud, but it opened up with “Awards of the earth” to the local native tribe and featured speakers describing theirs race and favorite pronouns. The virtual event which r

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Microsoft Exemption From Antitrust Bill Followed Company Donation to Top Democrat

Rep. David Cicilline (D., R.I.) exempted Microsoft from a bill he sponsored to regulate big tech three months after he received $5,800 in donations from Microsoft president Brad Smith, FEC filings show. Cicilline's decision to accept the money marked an a

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Microsoft: Now you can turn a Word doc into a visual PowerPoint presentation

Microsoft's AI can turn your text-based Word document into an online PowerPoint presentation with images.

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How to change your video background in Microsoft Teams - The Verge

Microsoft’s Teams business app now allows you to hide your messy home office by adding a variety of backgrounds.

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Microsoft researchers develop assistive eye-tracking AI that works on any device

In a preprint paper, Microsoft researchers detail an eye-tracking system that works on virtually any device with high accuracy.

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Microsoft told employees to work from home. One consequence was brutal

Many people think they have a good idea of what working from home now means. At Microsoft, however, they've studied it. And it makes for sobering reading.

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Microsoft Edge completely takes over your PC on startup

Microsoft Edge seemed like a good thing originally, but now that it's rolling out widely, users are infuriated at what first happens at startup.

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Microsoft is closing all of its retail stores for good | TechCrunch

As other retailers begin the slow, cautious move to reopen, Microsoft has announced that it will be permanently shutting down the vast majority of its retail stores. There are some exceptions, including flagships in urban hubs including London, New York C

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Microsoft now blocks reply-all email storms to end our inbox nightmares - The Verge

Microsoft is adding a reply-all email storm block feature to Exchange Online and Office 365. It’s designed to stop people from replying to big email threads and clogging up inboxes and email servers.

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Microsoft to buy Israeli cybersecurity startup CyberX

The U.S. software giant is expected to pay $165 million for the internet of things cybersecurity platform company

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In a Bold Move, Microsoft Office Is Now Flagging Double Spaces Between Sentences as an Error| Mental Floss

How many spaces should we include after a period? Microsoft is now quietly telling us that the answer is one.

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Bill Gates leaves Microsoft board

Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975 with Paul Allen, who died in 2018. Gates is also leaving the board of Berkshire Hathaway.

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Surface Pro 7 vs. iPad Pro: Can Microsoft's top 2-in-1 take on Apple's high-powered tablet?

Microsoft souped up the Surface Pro 7 with new processors and graphics, while the iPad Pro has new powers with iPadOS.

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Microsoft Could Launch Both a Surface 7 and Surface Pro 7 Next Week | Digital Trends

With less than a week until the yearly Microsoft Surface hardware event, new reports have emerged regarding several products expected to be announced, including the notable 2-and-1 tablet, the Surface Pro 7, which is not only expected to revealed next wee

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Microsoft hires former Siri boss for AI leadership role | VentureBeat

After stints at Apple and Amazon, Bill Stasior is joining Microsoft in a move that will impact the Redmond giant's AI strategies.

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Microsoft readies Office for virtual desktop services, including Windows Virtual Desktop | ZDNet

Microsoft is adding new features to Outlook, Teams, OneDrive and other Office apps to pave the way for their use in virtualized scenarios, including with Windows Virtual Desktop.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator embodies Game Pass's potential | VentureBeat

Microsoft Flight Simulator was a big surprise at E3 2019. It's not a game that appeals to everybody, but that doesn't matter as much on Game Pass.

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Microsoft Issues Serious Windows 10 Update Warning

Microsoft has issued a new warning to Windows 10 owners about a serious update problem...

Science & Technology | Tech

How Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung treat your voice data | VentureBeat

Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, and Google traffic in lots of voice data, but they handle it differently. Here's what you need to know.

Gaming | Gaming

Microsoft confirms full Xbox Live will come to iOS and Android games

Microsoft confirmed today that it is bringing the full Xbox Live experience to iOS and Android games on mobile devices, from friend lists to achievements.

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Amazon's Bezos, Microsoft-backed 'green' deals that can actually save the planet | Fox Business

Unlike the Green New Deal, this clean-energy save-the-world initiative backed by real 'green' money -- from Bezos and Microsoft -- could become a reality.

Gaming | Gaming

Microsoft reportedly to offer Xbox One consoles and services as a subscription

Microsoft is reportedly going to unveil a new approach to delivering Xbox One consoles and services to players: An all-encompassing subscription.

Gaming | Gaming

Xbox One may work with Alexa and Google Assistant

You can already use Cortana if you want to command an Xbox One with your voice, but that's not very practical now that Kinect is no longer an option for the con...

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ProBeat: Windows is dead. Long live Windows | VentureBeat

Terry Myerson is out. Microsoft lists his full title as “executive vice president and the former leader of the Windows and Devices Group (WDG).” Yes, Microsoft needs shorter titles. In short, the chief of Windows is leaving the company after 21 years.

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Here's the final numbers on Xbox One X titles as console launches | GamesBeat

Microsoft launched its Xbox One X console around the world on Tuesday morning, billing the video game machine as the world’s most powerful console.

Science & Technology | TECH

Inside Microsoft's AI Comeback

Yoshua Bengio has never been one to take sides. As one of the three intellects who shaped the deep learning that now dominates artificial intelligence,

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Microsoft Buys Israeli Cybersecurity Firm Hexadite For Reported $100M

Microsoft said Thursday it is acquiring US-Israeli cybersecurity startup Hexadite, whose technology uses AI to protect against cyber attacks.

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Ballmer explains why he invested in Twitter | TechCrunch

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took the stage at Code Conference on Tuesday and talked about why he took a large position in Twitter. “There’s a real..

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Now We Know Why Microsoft Bought LinkedIn

Six months after Microsoft announced plans to pay more than $26 billion for LinkedIn, we now know even more about why the career-focused social networking site was so valuable. Today, Microsoft…

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How to whip annoying Windows Updates into submission – BGR

Microsoft really really wants you to have the most up-to-date version of Windows available. There are some great reasons for this, including timely security updates and patches that prevent bad actors from exploiting known holes, but it always seems like

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'Pokémon GO': How Nintendo Beat Sony And Microsoft By Using Trends - Forbes

With 'Pokémon GO' Nintendo is cleaning up with a mobile and social game. The market is vastly larger and more profitable than console competition with Sony and Microsoft.

Gaming | Video Games

Xbox One vs. PS4: The post-E3 2016 scorecard

The annual gaming show has come and gone. And now we know how the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will stack up against each another for the next 12 to 18 months.

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Microsoft readies Windows 10 update, answers critics

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Microsoft has a birthday present for Windows 10 users: more capabilities for its Cortana digital assistant and new ways to ditch passwords.

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Microsoft pays out $10,000 for automatic Windows 10 installation | Technology | The Guardian

Company withdraws appeal leaving it liable for $10,000 compensation judgment after botched automatic upgrade

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One Unspoken Reason Behind the Microsoft-LinkedIn Deal - The New York Times

LinkedIn’s struggling stock price, and its reliance on stock-based compensation may be a factor in its sale to Microsoft.

Business & Finance | Business

This guy saw his Microsoft coworkers struggle to manage their money, and it gave him the idea for a $150 million app

FutureAdvisor cofounder Jon Xu got the idea after building an "awesomely complicated spreadsheet" for his Microsoft colleagues to track finances.

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PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners can finally play online games together

Microsoft is opening up its Xbox Live online … Continued The post PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners can finally play online games together appeared first on Business Insider.

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Bill Gates remembered everyone's license plate at Microsoft so he could check when they came and went

In an interview for BBC Radio 4's "Desert Island Disco," Bill Gates revealed information about his time at Microsoft when he founded the company in 1975.

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Oops! Electronic Arts basically revealed how many Xbox Ones are out there

Microsoft stopped reporting monthly updates on Xbox One hardware sales last October, a move widely taken as a sign that the tech titan had given up on competing with the PlayStation 4 to become the generation’s “dominant” console. Thanks to publish

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Paul Allen megayacht destroyed most of Caribbean coral reef, officials say

MV Tatoosh, Paul Allen’s 303-foot yacht, has destroyed about 80 percent of a protected coral reef — 14,000 square feet — in the Cayman Islands, according to officials there.

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Microsoft's new iOS app serves up news stories based on your job

Microsoft released News Pro, a new iOS app that uses Bing News to deliver personalized feeds of news based on your profession.

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From Marx to Microsoft: the origins of flat design

Help me. I’m on a laptop running Windows 8 right now. Like many others, I hate it and think it’s the worst operating system since the not-so-distant Vista.

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Microsoft beats Google, Intel, Tencent, and Qualcomm in image recognition competition | VentureBeat | Big Data | by Jord

Microsoft Research has taken first place in several categories at the sixth annual ImageNet image recognition competition. Technology from Microsoft was able to outperform systems from Google, Intel, Qualcomm, and Tencent, as well as entries from startups

Science & Technology | Technology

Microsoft's newest app turns anyone into a programmer

The world of Microsoft Office is going to get a lot bigger with today's introduction of...

Business & Finance | Advertising/Marketing

Sony has exclusive rights to advertise 'Star Wars: Battlefront' — so Microsoft found a way around it

Microsoft utilised stealth advertising to make up for Sony PlayStation 4 snapping up the exclusive marketing rights for highly anticipated video game Star Wars Battlefront.

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Angry users say Microsoft was already putting caps on 'unlimited' storage

Microsoft had been quietly telling its customers for months that the unlimited storage for Office 365 didn't really exist.

Science & Technology | Technology

Microsoft: Windows 95 launch was a $300 million 90s spectacle | BGR

20 years ago today, Microsoft launched Windows 95 and forever changed the way people across the world use computers. While Apple enthusiasts will be quick to tell you that many of the more well-received Windows 95 features had long been available on the

Science & Technology | Computer & Coding Tips

Windows 10 Upgrade: First 5 things to do after Windows 10 download | BGR

Windows users, it's time to breathe a collective sigh of relief. After what seemed like an eternity trapped in the clutches of Windows 8, Microsoft's latest and greatest operating system is finally here to save us. Tech bloggers the world over have sung W

Science & Technology | Computer & Coding Tips

How to Upgrade a PC to Microsoft Windows 10, Step by Step Instructions

The Windows 10 desktop. So the day is finally here. Microsoft today launched Windows 10 giving the millions of people who own Windows 7 and 8 computers a chance to obtain for free to the company's latest operating system. Now the questions that remain are

Science & Technology | Technology

Microsoft releases tool to hide or block unwanted Windows 10 updates | ZDNet

Windows 10 testers who've complained about mandatory updates in Microsoft's new operating system might have a solution at hand. The tool, available as an optional download, lets you hide or block any update for Windows or a hardware driver.

Business & Finance | Business

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak explains the biggest difference between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Inventor explains why Microsoft was more successful than Apple in the early years. While Hollywood has tried to get the story of the rivalry between Apple visionary Steve Jobs and Microsoft trailblazer Bill Gates right, Steve Wozniak had a front-row seat as it went down in real time.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Microsoft Picks 5 Hot Israeli Startups | Technology News

Microsoft's annual startup showcase ThinkNext has been able to predict some of the most promising Israeli startups. Its accelerators manager picks five.

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Office 2016 For Mac Preview Now Available, No Office 365 Subscription Required

Microsoft already told us Office 2016 for Mac was coming, but the public preview is out now as a free download, without any Office 365 subscription required...

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First Look at Microsoft’s HoloLens Holographic Headset | Re/code

Microsoft's HoloLens visor combined with Mars imagery make for an otherworldly experience.

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Microsoft makes more money from Samsung than from Skype, Windows Phone, and Xbox combined - Quartz

Android—the most widely-used mobile operating system in the world made by Google—actually owes a lot to patents owned by its erstwhile rival, Microsoft. There has been a lot of speculation about just how much Microsoft makes from royalty fees from A

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Bill Gates And Tim Cook Dump Ice On Their Heads For ALS Awareness, Challenge Elon Musk and Dr. Dre | TechCrunch

Oh, you thought Bill Gates wouldn't be up to Zuck's challenge to dump a bucket of icewater on his head for ALS awareness? You thought wrong. And because..

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Google, Microsoft claiming Apple's crown, albeit from 1994

Google is riding high, with a peak stock valuation and an army of devoted fans ready to explain why none of the problems the company is facing (including its clumsy transition to mobile) are actually problems. Companies that make money never stop making money, right?

Business & Finance | Business

Op-Ed: Microsoft layoff e-mail typifies inhuman corporate insensitivity

Robotic letter is an unfortunately normal example of how companies talk to employees.

Business & Finance | Business

First Take: Nokia hit hardest in Microsoft layoffs

Even by Silicon Valley's out-sized standards, this week has been head-spinning.