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Miscellaneous | Blogs

Exodist Photography Blog: Whats In Your Software Bag - My Photography Apps | Photo Talk

A question I often get asked is what software do I use to edit my photos in and with so many programs out there for both PC and Mac it can be overwhelming on what one should purchase. In this video I talk about the software I use, what I think is best and

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Exodist Photography Blog: What Is In Your Camera Bag? - Essential Travel Gear | Photo Talk

Not sure you got everything you need packed for a photography trip? Perhaps its your first time to go on a photography trip and your questioning yourself wondering did you pack everything you needed or did you pack to much? In this video we talk about wha

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Exodist Photography Blog: Tripod Ball Heads & Giottos MH1000 | Photo Talk

On this episode of Photo Talk we talk about tripod ball heads and the Giottos MH1000. So if you have been thinking about up grading your tripod to this ball head, then you do not want to miss this video. Also I would love to hear your comments below about

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Exodist Photography Blog: Camera Straps & BlackRapid RS-7 Curve | Photo Talk

Lets discuss camera straps on todays Photo Talk and go over some of the traditional and why some of the new more modern shoulder style straps like the BlackRapid RS-7 Curve may be a better option. So if your neck is hurting for that strap that came with y

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#GetToKnowMe | Joe's Videos

Well this is a video I have been wanting to do for some time. So I finally got up the nerve to make one. In this video I talk about myself and what has led m...