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Dream Job Alert: You Could Earn Over $100,000 as a 'Pizza Influencer'

The Slice app needs a pizza expert to oversee their social media presence. You must love pizza.

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PODCAST | The Not So Good Information From The Good Information Foundation

For years - years - I have been telling you how the dark money, special interest, elites have been manipulating the information presented to you to consume. I have talked about David Brock and Media Matters and how the mainstream media complex is bought a

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Travel Influencer Sued for Telling "Increasingly Bold Lies" to Build Her Brand

A consumer watchdog sues a social media influencer for, among other things, lying about her travel achievements. | Frommer's

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Here’s how many social media followers you need to make $100,000

This Lickd.co calculator shows you how many social media followers you need on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram to make money.

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The Best Sites to Buy Real Facebook Likes and Followers

Want to grow your influence on Facebook? This article shares a list of the best sites to buy real Facebook followers and likes.

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Minneapolis to Pay Social Media Influencers to Diffuse Anger During Floyd Murder Trial

In a move that reeks of information manipulation, the City of Minneapolis is set to pay six social media influencers to help disseminate...

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How to Fake Friends and Influence Instagram

In Fake Famous, journalist Nick Bilton sets out to document how easy it is to manufacture celebrity online.

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This Restaurant Owner Went Viral for His Response to An Influencer Who Wanted to Eat for Free

The bloggers wanted to enjoy the best dishes of the place, but they received an accurate rejection that was applauded by thousands of Internet users.

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Instagram Will (Finally) Pay Influencers | WIRED

The company is rolling out new ways for its creators to make money—and they might sound familiar.

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Instagram Star Erika Santos On How Social Media Influencers Must Change To Thrive In A Post-Pandemic World

Fashion and travel blogger Erika Santos reflects on the ever-changing social media landscape and her future role as an influencer in a post-pandemic world.

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'Every kid wants to be an influencer': Why TikTok is taking off with Gen Z - Digiday

Marketers and publishers are still trying to get a handle on why TikTok is so popular among Gen Zers. Six Gen Z marketing consultants and entrepreneurs give their take.

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How social media has changed in the past decade, according to its influencers

From Jake Paul to iJustine and Nerd City, NBC News spoke with more than half a dozen content creators about how the last decade of internet culture has evolved.

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Influencer marketing agencies prepare for the end of the Instagram like

With Instagram expected to soon remove Instagram likes, advertisers are doubling down on other ways to evaluate the reach of their influencers. Options include using technology or gaining access to the influencers' analytics data from a social network.

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How to Become a Leadership Influencer

Executive brands are evolving through the power of expertise, authority and trust.

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Influencer Marketing is Exploding on LinkedIn. Here's How it Can Drive Dollars for Your Brand | Inc.

Actually...don't do for the gram. If you're selling to other businesses on social, better turn your attention (and resources) to this plaform instead.

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How much YouTube pays for views: 100 thousand, 1 million, 4 million - Business Insider

YouTube creators earn money through YouTube's Partner Program, which allows them to monetize their channels with video ads placed by Google.

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The State Of Influencer Marketing: Growing

Marketers' investments in influencers continue to rise, and a push toward authenticity leads to a broader set of influencer partners.

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Influencer Fraud Costs Businesses Billions but Here's What You Can Do to Avoid It | Inc.

Hype isn't a good reason to invest in marketing tools without thoroughly checking them out.

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How Is Influencer Marketing Changing?

How is influencer marketing changing? This question was originally answered on Quora by Steve Oriola.

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Influencer Marketing: A Phony Industry Based On False Premises

No, influencers are not going to rule the world. At least not the kind of influencers we’ve seen so far. Some people will attain positions where they can help change things or sell products and services, but it won’t be thanks to some trashy industry base

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Survey: Micro-influencers offer big rewards for brand managers - PR Daily

Do those online celebrities with smaller followings really have the engagement that some industry experts suggest? New research offers insights for your next influencer campaign. Just how successful can a “micro-influencer” be at engaging his or her audie

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If Instagram Gets Rid Of Like Counts, What Will It Mean For Influencers?

Instagram is testing out hiding like counts on profiles. How could this affect influencers and creators, who rely on metrics like these for business?

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Taking A Stand On Authenticity In Influencer Marketing

In an age where digital avatars are the new social influencers and an egg is the most "liked" picture on Instagram, does authenticity even exist anymore?

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14 Influencers Talk About Their Most Popular Image on Instagram - Feature Shoot

© Christopher Anderson Christopher Anderson “To be honest, this IG thing confuses me. Some images I am convinced will be crowd pleasers don’t generate interest, and then some that I almost don’t post because I think they are not good en

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Is Facebook About To 'Break' Instagram, And What Does That Mean For Influencers?

Until now, Instagram has kept its distance from Facebook and the brands have been kept separate. But that could all be about to change, driven by influencer marketing, and the challenge for Facebook is to make that work without breaking the Instagram infl

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10 Improvements Influencer Marketing Has To Make In 2019

If influencer marketing wants to move from a line item in the "experimental" budget to a line item in the media budget, the industry will need to continue to mature in 2019.

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Forget celebrity influencers - reach micro-influencers who impact your brand

Celebrity endorsements may not have the traction we think - fake followers included.Takumi thinks it has found a better way - with micro-influencers.

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Influencer Marketing: How To Make Human Connections Work For Your Brand

Emotions have always played a role in consumers’ purchase decisions, and today’s digital influencers are the ideal launchpad for brands looking to form authentic bonds with audiences.

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Little-Known Best Practices For Launching A Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer-driven word-of-mouth marketing is entering a Golden Age -- the result of an explosive rise in social media usage. And marketers need to take advantage.

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Small Businesses Find Micro-Influencers A Good Marketing Avenue

Statistics suggest smaller niche players may wield more influence than major social media influencers when it comes to effective marketing. Micro-influencers are also seen as more cost-efficient.

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Instagram’s Wannabe-Stars Are Driving Luxury Hotels Crazy

Hotels are being forced to figure out how to work with a new class of brand-peddling marketers.

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The 7 Biggest Secrets Of Social Media Influencers

Obviously, they put in extra work and have more experience than the average Joe. But beyond that, there are a few secrets that most influencers don't make public.

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Uncovering Instagram Bots With a New Kind of Detective Work

Marketers are increasingly concerned that too many of the influencers they pay to push their products are actually followed by a percentage of accounts that are fake.

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The Five Top Trends That Will Shape Influencer Marketing in 2018

Influencer marketing has successfully transitioned from being considered a passing fad to being allotted a respected place in the modern marketing mix. It will continue to rapidly evolve to meet ...

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When Instagram Influencing Isn't So Glamorous | WIRED

Instagram fame can be enviable—but it comes at a cost. Excerpted from Brooke Erin Duffy's (Not) Getting Paid to Do What You Love.

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Experiment Reveals How Surprisingly Easy It Is To Become A Fake Instagram Star And Get Brands To Pay You | Bored Panda

Instagram influencer marketing is now a $1 billion dollar industry, and you don't need a cute dog or a book-worthy lifestyle to get into the game. According to

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Real Influence: How Adobe Uses Influencer Marketing | MarketingProfs Podcast

Here's how Adobe uses influencer marketing to dramatically increase the company's reach. Gain insights from how to attract and engage influencers, measure success, and maintain relationships.

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Travel blogger comes clean about tactics used on Instagram | Daily Mail Online

Sara Melotti, a photographer based in Indonesia, recently shed light on the competitive environment and revealed the eye-opening tactics being used by some in the community.

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How to Become An Influencer By Accident (With Smart Automation)

You don’t need a business to become an influencer; in fact, you don’t even have to know why you are doing it. Once you have an audience, opportunities come.

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5 Reasons Micro-Influencers Shouldn't Be Ignored

Get better engagement and a more targeted audience while spending less on your marketing budget.

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The Perception of Influence vs. Actual Influence | Inc.com

With everyone being a content creator, the line between true influence and less-than-true influence has been blurred.

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The enviable, highly profitable life of Amber Fillerup Clark, perfect mother and social-media influencer

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Think big, go small: why influencer marketing isn’t about reach

Despite what many marketers and PR agencies in Asia still believe, influencer marketing is not a popularity contest.

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The state of influencer marketing in 5 charts - Digiday

Despite the hype, influencer marketing is “an unstructured mess” right now.

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25 tips for becoming an online influencer

Influencer marketing has become a powerful strategy for brands who want to reach their audience in a non-pushy, non-promotional way. Instead of pushing their own message, they can leverage online influencers to get their message out in a more palatable way.

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The right (and wrong) way to get influencers involved in your marketing plan | GamesBeat | Games | by Mike Minotti

Influencers, be they esports players or YouTube personalities, are attracting huge groups of fans. That makes them a tantalizing target for marketers looking to engage their young audiences.

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What is Influencer Marketing? | Inc.com

In two previous articles, I talked about how Influencer Marketing Delivers 11X ROI Over All Other Forms of Digital Media and worked to dispel the 3 Most Common Myths of Influencer Marketing. But then I took a step back and wanted to answer the very specific question of "What is Influencer Marketing?"

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5 Steps Brands Need to Take When Working with Micro-Influencers - Forbes

Credit: pexels.com If you scroll through Twitter or Instagram, you can see a lot of Influencers with huge social media following. These people are a gold mine for those whose target audience is, well basically, everyone. But what if your product fits in v

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25 Influencers Share Their Marketing Predictions for 2016

The second month of 2016 is almost over and here we are with a bunch of useful bits of information from top influencers.

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4 Principals of Successful Influencer Marketing | Danny Wong

The Bard once commented: what's past is prologue. This couldn't be truer, especially when it comes to online marketing. Way back when, display advertising gave way to search optimization, which in turn led to social media advertising and where we are toda

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How To Use Influencer Marketing in 5 Steps to Increase Traffic 10-Fold

Here's a fool-proof way to identify your influencers and get them talking...about you!

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What are influencers and how do you find them? | Econsultancy

I may be new to writing about digital marketing, but I’ve been working in and around it long enough to know the industry is littered with the kind of buzzwords that would earn me a rebuke from my editor if I used them.