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Nevada County Confirms Livestream Video Of Vote-Count Areas Went Dark For 8 Hours, Responds To Criticism

County officials in Nevada over the weekend confirmed that cameras live-streaming vote-counting areas on Wednesday night and Thursday morning went dark for a total of eight hours.

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Third World Nonsense: Maricopa County Delays Results Until After Weekend

Maricopa County, Ariz. has announced that its vote count will not be completed Friday, meaning election results will likely not be known till after the weekend, as the Post Millennial reported. Apparently, Maricopa is counting at a rapid rate of five votes an hour…?

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Victor Davis Hanson: Tuesday Takeaways

What, if anything, did the midterms tell us about the country—other than underwhelming Republicans could still take the House and Senate?

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GOP Gained Bigger Share of Latino, Black Voters

The populist GOP's share of the Latino vote jumped by a third to almost 40 percent, compared to 2018, according to the exit polls.

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Trump's awful night

Happy Wednesday. Smart Brevity™ count: 1,497 words ... 5½ minutes. Edited by Noah Bressner.

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New Hope Arises in Arizona for Republicans After Ballot Update

Perhaps something can be salvaged from an overall disappointing election.

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We're Done–American Voters Are Idiots

 Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Wednesday, Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Aldon frequently forgets to take his allergy meds when caught up in the folk dancing moment.

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There WOULD Have Been a Red Wave, but One Group Saved the Left From Being Completely Obliterated

The group with the least life experience and the most recent subjection to the Leftist indoctrination in America’s educational system voted as it was brainwashed to do.

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How Could John Fetterman Have Won? Every Possible Answer Is Bad in a Different Way.

The great strength of democratic rule is that you get what the people want. The great weakness of Democratic rule is that you get what the people want.

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Republican Voters Deserve Answers and Accountability

There's no way to sugarcoat it — Republicans got bamboozled in the midterms. All the polls that we reported showing Republican candidates surging in the final weeks of their campaigns, the race ratings from the Cook Political Report, and the overconfident statements from GOP leaders were all significantly overly optimistic about what we all watched play out on Tuesday night.

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Who Will Control The House And Senate? Here’s What We Can Say At 4:30 a.m.

It’s early Wednesday morning and we don’t yet know which party will control the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. And based on simulations using FiveThi…

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These Jewish candidates say their experience as immigrants led them to run as Republicans

They say Republican policies are the best way to beat back what they say is a threat of socialism here.

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Sen. Mike Lee Wins Reelection, Defeats Never Trumper Evan McMullin

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) won reelection on Tuesday night, defeating Never Trumper and Utah independent Senate candidate Evan McMullin.

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John Fetterman declared Pa. Senate winner over Dr. Oz and here’s his victory speech

"Congrats to Senator Gisele Fetterman."

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Election Results Show We'll See Some of the Usual Suspects Returning to DC

Some familiar antagonists are heading back to Washington in the midterm elections.

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Ohio Senate: GOP candidate JD Vance defeats Dem challenger House Rep. Tim Ryan

Fox News projects that GOP candidate and author JD Vance will defeat Democratic U.S. House Rep. Tim Ryan in the U.S. Senate race for Ohio.

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Early Indications From Florida, Virginia and Arizona Signal the Red Wave Is Materializing

Voter data from Florida and Virginia is indications a red wave may be coming. Stay tuned!

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Maricopa County officials say 20% of voting locations experiencing 'hiccups' with tabulators

Control of the House of Representatives and the Senate is on the ballot in this 2022 midterm election. Get the latest news on the election midterms and key races from Fox News Digital.

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Barnes Campaigns With Celebrity Anti-Israel Activist on Eve of Election

Mandela Barnes, the Wisconsin Democratic Senate candidate, capped off his campaign by hosting a fundraiser on Sunday with actor and anti-Israel activist advocate Mark Ruffalo, who is under fire after objecting to the International Holocaust Remembrance Al

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Election 2022: Maricopa County reports voting machine problems at 20% of polling locations

While the specific addresses and number of locations having issues have not been confirmed, the Maricopa County Recorder's Officer says technicians have been called to fix the precinct tabulator machines that aren't working.

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Florida Department of State Says No to Federal Election ‘Monitors’: ‘Not Permitted Under Florida Law’

The FL Department of State is rejecting the DOJ's plan to send federal election "monitors" to certain counties across the country.

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On Election Eve, Dems Confront Nightmare Scenario

Democrats close their midterm election campaign Monday facing the nightmare scenario they always feared -- with Republicans staging a gleeful referendum on Joe Biden's struggling presidency and failure to tame inflation.

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The hypocrisy of Democrats on crime

There's a growing lawlessness in the United States. And regardless of who the Democrats try to blame, voters aren’t buying it.

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Democrats Should Be Optimistic. Here’s Why

It is the day before the 2022 midterm elections, and it has been an emotional roller coaster for Democrats. If you believe the polls and most of the coverage...

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Democracy Isn’t At Risk, Democrats Are

A red wave will not be an end to our representative democracy. It will just be an end to the Democrat representatives.

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Pennsylvania Jewish voters may vote Republican to defeat Israel critic Summer Lee

Lee, who is running in Pennsylvania’s 12th District, slammed U.S. support for Israel during the May 2021 Israel-Hamas war.

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WH Press Secretary Spends Last Day Before the Midterms Gaslighting the American Public

Jen Psaki misled and obfuscated as WH press secretary, but at least she was good at it. Karine Jean-Pierre is NOT.

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'The View' Co-Host: Women Voting Republican Are 'Almost Like Roaches Voting for Raid'

Leftist women are claiming that without abortions, women will die. Exactly what they'll die of is unclear. Maternal mortality rates are disturbingly high in the U.S.

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Kathy Hochul's running a campaign wreck

No matter the result of the New York race for governor, Kathy Hochul already has distinguished herself. She will be remembered for putting on a master class in how not to run a campaign.

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Democrat blows whistle on alleged ballot harvesting scheme, Florida opens criminal probe

Former candidate for Orange County commissioner describes widespread vote trafficking operation in Orlando area, authorities see enough evidence to warrant criminal probe.

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Will ‘Democracy Die in Darkness’ After November?

The Republicans were always going to win big in November, regardless of what biased pundits professed. There was likely never a sudden “blue resurgence” or “red collapse” of late summer.

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Up to 6,000 Faulty Ballots Sent to Arizona Voters Under Democrat Katie Hobbs’s Watch

As many as 6,000 faulty ballots that only listed federal races were mailed to Arizona voters due to a "voter registration error."

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Which Age Group is Most Likely to Vote GOP in 2022? Gen-Xers, of Course!

Every pollster and writer is analyzing this upcoming election to death. From the early predictions of a red wave to the Democrats’ summer momentum shift to the tide turning back toward the GOP,...

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Google Suppressed 22 Million Republican Emails, Says the RNC

As the Left grows more open about its authoritarianism, Big Tech is going to destroy the freedom of speech, or that freedom is going to be given new protection.

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Bombshell Texts Show Milwaukee Mayor Colluding With Democrats To Rig 2022 Election

Texts between city officials and leftist nonprofit workers indicate that the city of Milwaukee is working to rig the 2022 midterms.

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Debunking Some Of The More Ridiculous Claims About A Convention of States

If you are a regular reader and listener, you know I have come one-hundred-eighty degrees on the issue of a Convention of States. Years back I was against it because I was only exposed to inaccurate information by the very well-funded establishment factio

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A Winning Midterm Strategy for Republicans

The GOP has hit upon some broadly popular policies in the Commitment to America. They need to talk about them incessantly between now and November 8.

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PODCAST | The Biden-Garland Brownshirt Raids In Pennsylvania

The heavy-handed tactics of the Department of Justice and the FBI in using full-on, militaristic brut force against non-violent suspects in their raids has crossed the line from questionable to unacceptable. These are the tactics of the Castro's in C

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PODCAST | This Ian Isn't The James Bond Author

If you live in Florida or on the Southern or Southeastern coasts of the United Sate long enough you are going to be in the crosshairs of a hurricane or tropical storm. Those living on Florida's west coast up into the Big Bend east of Tallahassee are

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PODCAST | The Not So Good Information From The Good Information Foundation

For years - years - I have been telling you how the dark money, special interest, elites have been manipulating the information presented to you to consume. I have talked about David Brock and Media Matters and how the mainstream media complex is bought a

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PODCAST | The Hypocrisy of the Left's ‘Sanctuary Lie’

Vice President Kamala Harris’ insistence that the southern border of the United States is secure is a statement fully encamped in the realm of the absurd. And now that some of the more traditionally far-Left bastions are experiencing the many negative e

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PODCAST | Biden's Lame Victory Lap & Why Government Shouldn't Pick Winners and Losers

Now that the potential rail strike has been averted, it would seem a perfect time to address the ongoing supply chain issues that the Biden administration has perfectly ignored. The fact that the US Transportation Secretary wasn't even involved in th

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PODCAST | Replacing the Cult of Personality with an Honest Policy Discussion

The Midterm Elections are just months away and the radical Left, the Biden administration, its Obama 2.0 masters, and the mainstream media want to make the election a rehash of the anti-Trump campaign they executed successfully in 2020. The task at hand i

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PODCAST | Is Making It Hard To Travel Part Of The Plan?

While the mainstream media complex does everything it can to not report on the fact that former US Attorney General has led an effort to gerrymander the reapportionment of congressional districts through the courts, the Biden administration's policie

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The Democrats Are Not Dead Yet | The New Republic

Despite conventional wisdom, the party is not doomed in November’s midterm elections. The economy, Covid-19, the invasion of Ukraine, and the January 6 insurrection are all wild cards.

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Poll: Republicans Take 9-Point Lead with Hispanics, Support from Black Voters More than Doubles to 27 Percent

Republicans have taken a 9-point national lead among Hispanic voters and more than doubled support in the black community to 27 percent, a Wall Street Journal survey shows.

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So, If You're the Democrats and You've Got Nothing Going into the Mid-Terms...

It's got to be a frightening proposition. Imagine, if you will, you are a leader in the Democrat Party and you are facing both 2022 Mid-Term and the 2024 General Elections and you have an achievement list that has nothing on it. What do you do? You c

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The Inconvenient Truth About the Republican Party

When you think of the Republican Party, what comes to mind? If you’re like many Americans, you may associate the GOP with racism, sexism, and general inequality. It’s a commonly pushed narrative by left-leaning media and academia, but as former Vander

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3 Things Democrats Don’t Want You To Talk About Before Tomorrow’s Election

In the leadup to the 2016 elections, the widespread misperception by the mainstream media was that the vote would be a referendum on the excesses of Donald Trump.

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Millennials Explain Why They're Not Voting: 'I Hate Mailing Stuff. It Gives Me Anxiety.' | Daily Wire

When the Intelligencer set out to find out why Millennials aren't voting in the 2018 midterm elections, they probably expec

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Republicans outpacing Democrats in early voting in key states, NBC News finds

Republican-affiliated voters have outpaced Democratic-affiliated voters in early voting in closely watched states, according to data provided by TargetSmart.

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Facebook will delete posts that spread voting misinformation this election

Facebook today announced it’s tackling the most basic form of fake news to circulate around the time of an election: Voter misinformation and anything that might keep users away from the voting booths this fall. Specifically, the company revealed it wou

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Facebook removes over 550 Pages, 250 accounts in latest spam purge ahead of US midterms

The hundreds of bad accounts were removed for breaking the site's rules for "spam and coordinated inauthentic behavior."

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WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Is Asked How America Will Pay For Her Socialist Dreams. Guess How Much Information She Has In Her Head.

Speaking with host Jon Lovett on Pod Save America, New York Democratic socialist darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was asked for details as to how America would pay for her socialist dreams, such as universal healthcare and free college tuition.

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Exclusive: Vacant Supreme Court seat will likely influence U.S. election turnout, poll shows

U.S. President Donald Trump said he expects a second tax overhaul to be unveiled in October or a bit earlier, and he is considering cutting the corporate tax rate to 20 percent from 21 percent.

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The GOP’s Midterm Prospects Brighten by the Day | National Review

The Democrats’ missing agenda and their manic “RUSSIA!” obsession have driven them to the same destination: nowhere.

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For Dems, 'blue wave' is now a trickle

(CNN) — The ballot on Tuesday left off the biggest winners: President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who stepped in to stand up for and against certain candidates.

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MSNBC’s surging ratings fuel Democratic optimism - POLITICO

While Fox and CNN slump, left-leaning hosts on MSNBC help the network reap a 30 percent ratings gain.