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Tesla says it will cut costs of next generation cars in half

Tesla says it will cut the cost of its next generation of vehicles in half, largely by using innovative manufacturing techniques and smaller factories

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Here's How Long A Tesla Model S Battery Will Actually Last

The Tesla Model S is one of the more popular Teslas on the market, and it has been on the road long enough so we can tell you. We have all the details.

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Tesla Asks Texans To Limit Charging Cars During Heat Wave As Wind Power Slows

Tesla is asking all Texas-based customers to avoid charging their electric vehicles during certain times of the day as the Lone Star State is currently experiencing a massive heatwave that is straining its electrical power grid.

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Tesla lays off nearly 200 Autopilot employees who help train the company’s AI

Some 200 Tesla workers have been laid off at the company’s offices in San Mateo, California. According to reports, the workers were primarily focused on labelling and verifying data used to train the company’s Autopilot AI driver-assistance feature.

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PODCAST | Is Making It Hard To Travel Part Of The Plan?

While the mainstream media complex does everything it can to not report on the fact that former US Attorney General has led an effort to gerrymander the reapportionment of congressional districts through the courts, the Biden administration's policie

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Elon Musk reacts to Tesla being dropped from the S&P 500’s index of woke companies with a meme

Musk says he stands accused of not adhering to the leftist agenda.

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Elon Musk offloads 4.4 million Tesla shares after Twitter buyout

Elon Musk sold 4.4 million Tesla shares after his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

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Was Elon Musk Coerced by the Marxist Deep State to ‛Abandon’ Bitcoin?

In a move that contradicts everything the innovator has said about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to date, Elon Musk announced late Tuesday...

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Musk's Tesla Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments for Cars

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, has announced that the electric car manufacturer will now accept Bitcoin digital currency for new car purchases...

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How’d He Know? Pelosi’s Husband Makes Huge Tesla Buy Right Before Biden Announced Green Vehicle Policy

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi Sr., made a $1 million Tesla stock buy just before it was

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"Bulls**t Exposed": New Video Calls Tesla's Full Self-Driving A "Clear Bait And Switch"

"We expect to have the first operating robotaxis next year. With no one in them, next year," Musk said in 2019...

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SpaceX's Starman and Elon Musk's Tesla just made their 1st Mars flyby

Starman got less than 5 million miles from the Red Planet.

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Tesla launches long awaited $35,000 Model 3

Tesla's long-awaited Model 3 with a $35,000 price has finally arrived.

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Tesla Launches 'Dog Mode' to Help Furry Friends Stay Safe While Waiting in Car

Besides controlling cabin temperature, a message is also displayed on-screen to inform passersby the doggos are ok.

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Tesla Model 3: How Software Update Makes Good on a Key Elon Musk Promise | Inverse

Tesla has started rolling out a software update for its Model 3 all-electric vehicle, first entering production in July 2017. The changes improve the braking system's ability to respond to sudden braking shocks and shows how the company is gradually i

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Tesla's newest rival has highlighted a big problem that no one is talking about

Tesla has a problem with market segmentation and it can't compete in new EV segments until is introduces different vehicles and adds manufacturing capacity.

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Where is Starman? Track Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster's Current Location.

Current location of Elon Musk's cherry red Tesla Roadster and Starman launched by SpaceX on the Falcon Heavy maiden flight

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Tesla says its Model 3 car will go on sale on Friday

NEW YORK (AP) — Electric car maker Tesla says its keenly awaited Model 3 car for the masses will go on sale on Friday.

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Tesla Autopilot’s new radar technology predicts an accident caught on dashcam a second later | Electrek

Just a few weeks ago, we published a report about how Tesla’s new radar technology for the Autopilot is already proving useful in some potentially dangerous situations. We now have a new piec…

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9 Things You May Not Know About Nikola Tesla - History Lists

Check out some fascinating facts about the Serbian-American physicist and engineer.

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U.S. is reportedly probing another Tesla crash over the carmaker's autopilot feature

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating a second Tesla crash to determine whether Autopilot was engaged.

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Police confirm DVD player found in Tesla Autopilot wreck

The truck driver struck by a Model S using Autopilot said he could hear a 'Harry Potter' movie still playing after the wreck.

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Self-Driving Tesla Was Involved in Fatal Crash, U.S. Says

The federal highway safety agency said that the driver of a Tesla on “autopilot” died in a crash in May, thought to be the first death in a self-driving car.

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Consumer Reports Cuts Tesla From Its Recommended List Over Reliability

The best car ever tested by Consumer Reports—the all-electric Tesla Model S—is no longer recommended by the magazine after owners reported a litany of bugs and defects. Last year, Consumer Reports had ranked the Model S as “average” in reliability

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Self-driving cars are here to stay

What we hear less about are the self-driving cars that you can buy today. So far, they’re not fully autonomous, like Google’s. You’re required to keep at least one hand on the wheel while driving. In this regard, they’re strictly a stopgap between today’s cars and the fully self-driving models of 2020 or so.

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Porsche Mission E: An Electric-Car Missile With Tesla In The Crosshairs

With 600 hp and 310 miles to a full charge, Porsche's EV concept looks Tesla right in the charger.

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Tesla's Musk: AI is like 'summoning the demon': Washington Post

Elon Musk is stepping up his warnings about artificial intelligence, according to The Washington Post, saying it was akin to "summoning the demon."