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Democrats & Their Habit Of Elder Abuse

It became apparent in the immediate run-up to the 2020 General Election. Something had happened to then-candidate Joe Biden. His speech and mobility changed dramatically and he took to wearing sunglasses a majority of the time; a political marketing no-no

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Debunking Some Of The More Ridiculous Claims About A Convention of States

If you are a regular reader and listener, you know I have come one-hundred-eighty degrees on the issue of a Convention of States. Years back I was against it because I was only exposed to inaccurate information by the very well-funded establishment factio

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PODCAST | The Biden-Garland Brownshirt Raids In Pennsylvania

The heavy-handed tactics of the Department of Justice and the FBI in using full-on, militaristic brut force against non-violent suspects in their raids has crossed the line from questionable to unacceptable. These are the tactics of the Castro's in C

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Pentagon Deploying 3,000 U.S. Troops Back to Afghanistan

The Pentagon announced Thursday it will deploy three infantry battalions to assist with the reduction of American civilians in Kabul.

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Drama Triangle Collision & Escape - Workplace Coach Blog

The dreaded drama triangle; how it hooks you; what abusers are like; how to cut the wires.

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Trouble at Wilderness Lodge - Workplace Coach Blog

Domestic violence IS your business

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Staying Upbeat at Work Despite an Emotionally Abusive Spouse - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I work in sales and COVID-19 has knocked our business to its knees. I fear being laid off and …

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5 Steps to Prevent Domestic Violence During Quarantine | Psychology Today

Domestic violence victims forced to stay at home with their abusers can take steps to minimize aggression and injury.

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To the Mom Who Left Her Abuser

"To the brave mamas that scooped up her children, without a dime in her pocket or any idea how she was going to make it, and chose to save herself and her family from any more pain at the hands of their abuser—I think you’re brave."

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Preying on Children: The Emerging Psychology of Pedophiles

Images of child sex abuse have reached a crisis point on the internet. Now, science is beginning to shed light on why people abuse children in the first place.

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Battered woman syndrome: Definition, symptoms, and getting help

Battered woman syndrome is a condition that can develop as a result of an abusive relationship. Learn about the symptoms, stages, and complications.

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Why Children From Abusive Families Analyze Every Single Detail

It is a well-known fact our families are one of the guiding factors that shape our personalities while we're growing up. Parents raise us to the best of their

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CNN's Cillizza: Cory Booker Confessing to Molestation Is Less Important Than an Unfounded Charge Directed at Kavanaugh

CNN’s Cillizza: Cory Booker Confessing to Molestation Is Less Important Than an Unfounded Charge Directed at Kavanaugh

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7 Women on Realizing They Were in an Abusive Relationship

Women explain how they learned to recognize the signs of physical and emotional abuse from their partners, whether on their own or through interventions from friends and family.

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Are You Normalizing Abusive Behavior? 5 Signs that You Are

It’s a sad truth reflected by the title of Dorothy Nolte’s popular inspirational poem that “Children Learn What They Live.” Daughters (and sons, for that

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Accused rapist sentenced to no jail time so he can have a ‘college experience’

The 18-year-old high school student will only serve two years of probation in Ohio, where he plans to attend college, and will not be required to register as a sex offender. One of the victims said his nickname in high school was “David the Rapist.&

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