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The Sad Truth About Drug Legalization

Oregon’s drug legalization “hasn’t gone as planned,” according to The Atlantic, and has been “an unmitigated disaster,” according to Oregon Clackamas County Commiss...

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High potency weed linked to psychotic episodes, mysterious vomiting illness in young users

“It felt like Edwards Scissorhands was trying to grab my intestines and pull them out,” a Colorado man told NBC News.

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We Suspect Drug Addiction in a Top Producer - Workplace Coach Blog

Handing a senior manager who may be a drug addict

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a VERY Bad Career Choice (illegal drugs in Vietnam) - (Law & Order)

Vietnam's effort to control drug trafficking, and production in the country is very strong. The problem is big, and the resources are limited, but the Vietna...

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Trump signs executive order to lower drug prices in fight against Big Pharma

The new order follows a series of four orders President Trump signed in July that similarly lowered prices of prescription drugs.

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EXCLUSIVE: Cartels Helped Pick Top Officials in Mexican Border State, Leaked Documents Show

Mexican law enforcement documents show the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas had influence over hiring for top law enforcement positions.

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San Francisco Gives Free Drugs and Alcohol to Homeless People Under Quarantine

San Francisco is handing out free drugs and alcohol to homeless people under coronavirus quarantine

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CBP Seizes $1.97M in Hard Drugs, Including Record Heroin Bust

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) discovered separate alleged attempts to take a total of 395 pounds of drugs into the U.S. illegally.

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Big Pharma Invented These Diseases To Sell Drugs (Osteoporosis Is One Of Them)

Let’s say you’ve invented a new gadget and you want to manufacture and sell it. Only problem is, it does something that nobody needs. There was a point in history,

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Rick Manning: Why are so many homeless when the economy is so strong? The answer is this | Fox News

A thriving economy isn't enough for thousands who have been left behind due to the opioid epidemic.

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Inside the Elementary School Where Drug Addiction Sets the Curriculum

About half of the student body at one Ohio elementary school has witnessed drug use at home. Educators spend time every day teaching the children how to cope.

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An Australian Doctor’s Dream: Curing America’s Opioid Curse

Dr. George O’Neil has implanted a device he invented into thousands of Australians who abuse opioids. But is it an answer for America’s addiction crisis?

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How a Dark Web Drug Ring Was Uncovered After Suspicious A.T.M. Withdrawals

Three New Jersey men were charged in Manhattan with setting up a virtual storefront in a hidden corner of the internet that sold illicit drugs.

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs When Everyone Is Doing Them

At least my “this is your brain on drugs” generation understood fear. Now, narcotics are the new boxed wine.

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Opinion | Mexican Meth Fuels an American Crisis

Greater border security and funding for treatment are necessary to arrest the surge in deaths.

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North Carolina Sheriffs, Dealing With Cartel Violence, Call for Congress to Fund Wall

More than 1,400 miles north of the southwest border, sheriffs are battling drug trafficking, overdoses, gang and cartel ...

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Beyond the CB1 & CB2 Cannabis Receptors: TRPV1 & GPR55

If you know cannabis science, you may know about the receptors CB1 and CB2; they’re triggered by cannabinoids like THC and CBD. But receptors like TRPV1 and GPR55 also respond to cannabinoids. They’re influenced by THC and CBD, as well as endocannabin

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On College Campuses, Making Overdose Medication Readily Available : NPR

College campuses are growing increasingly concerned about how to keep students safe amid a national opioid crisis. Some schools provide free and easy access to drugs that can reverse an overdose.

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Trump Vows to Bring US Drug Prices in Line With Other Countries, End 'Global Freeloading'

WASHINGTON—Speaking at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Oct. 25, President Donald Trump vowed to take on the “global freeloading” that makes drug prices higher in the United States than other developed nations. He announ

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Trump Signs Bills to Eliminate Pharmacy Gag Orders

Insurance companies will no longer be able to strong-arm pharmacies into keeping quiet when customers pay more than they need to for drugs.

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Trump administration making progress in fight against opioid epidemic: HHS Secretary

Our comprehensive strategy for the opioid crisis, grounded in the best science and evidence we have, is starting to show results.

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Pilot study finds “smart drug” Aderall has limited benefits for healthy students, and may harm working memory – Re

By Emma Young. For the large numbers of students who report taking stimulants, these results suggest that they probably won’t do much to enhance their academic performance.

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U.S. to Make More Drugs Easily Available, Cutting Role Docs Play - Bloomberg Quint

U.S. to Make More Drugs Easily Available, Cutting Role Docs Play

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More Drivers Killed Under the Influence of Drugs Than Alcohol | Health Care News | US News

A new report found fatally injured drivers are increasingly under the influence of one or more drugs.

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Dr. Marc Siegel: How Medicare-Medicaid chief Seema Verma's taking steps to sink drug prices under Trump's plan | Fox New

President Trump is taking effective action to lower prescription drug prices and to improve the American health-care delivery system, Medicare and Medicaid Administrator Seema Verma told me recently.

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President Trump Can End Drug Shortages, Reduce Prices By Promoting Competition | Investor's Business Daily

A new study by the Schaeffer Center for Health Policy at USC highlights the need for decisive action by the president, Congress, and federal anti-trust regulators to curb abuses by medical market middlemen that are driving up prices, causing drug shortage

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EXCLUSIVE–WATCH: Camo-Wearing Men with Backpacks Stream into U.S. from Mexico

Jim Chilton knows a thing or two about border security in the United States. The multi-generational rancher’s 50,000-acre beef cattle operation stretches along the border between Arizona and Mexico.

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Turns Out Coffee Acts on Your Brain Like Cannabis, But in Reverse

A new study on the consumption of coffee has revealed the world's most common recreational drug affects our metabolism far more deeply than we realised.

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Medicare drug benefit is weakened by congressional budget deal | Fox News

Congress has undermined the Medicare drug benefit that millions of older Americans depend on – one of the few federal health care programs that's working well.

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Report: Medicaid And Obamacare May Be Incentivizing Opioid Trafficking And Abuse

One of the largest entitlement programs in the country is incentivizing prescription drug trafficking and exacerbating the national opioid epidemic, according to a Senate report. The Senate Commit

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Made in China: New and Potentially Lifesaving Drugs

A growing number of Chinese pharmaceutical companies are trying to break into the United States, seeking regulatory approval to offer their treatments for cancer and other ailments.

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‘The Pills Are Everywhere’: How the Opioid Crisis Claims Its Youngest Victims

Increasingly, toddlers and young children are being found unconscious or dead after consuming an adult’s drugs.

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The Female Warlord Who Had C.I.A. Connections and Opium Routes

Born to royalty in Burma, Olive Yang, who died last week at 90, rejected her birthright to become a cross-dressing warlord and opium trafficker.

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As opioid addiction skyrockets, treatment for addicts lags far behind, insurance data show

Opiate addiction has risen nearly fivefold in the last five years, but that the numbers of addicts getting medically-assisted addiction treatment has risen only 65%, according to insurance data.

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Are Teenagers Replacing Drugs With Smartphones? - NYTimes.com

Amid an opioid epidemic, the rise of deadly synthetic drugs and the widening legalization of marijuana, a curious bright spot has emerged in the youth drug culture: American teenagers are growing less likely to try or regularly use drugs, including alcohol.

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City devastated by OxyContin use sues Purdue Pharma, claims drugmaker put profits over citizens' welfare - LA Times

A Washington city devastated by black-market OxyContin filed a first-of-its-kind lawsuit against the painkiller’s manufacturer Thursday, alleging that the company turned a blind eye to criminal trafficking of its pills to “reap large and obscene profi

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Scientists Have Found A Drug That Regenerates Teeth, And It Could Leave Dentists Without Work

Researchers have identified a drug that can regenerate teeth from the inside out, possibly reducing the need for artificial fillings. The drug was previously used in Alzheimer’s clinical trials, and it now appears to improve the tooth’s natural abilit

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Anti-inflammatory medications and the risk for cardiovascular disease: A new study, a new perspective - Harvard Health Blog

Newly released results from a large study suggest that the anti-inflammatory drug celecoxib may not pose risks to cardiovascular health as once believed.

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Early Interventions May Prevent Teen Substance Abuse

New research suggests it is never too early to begin interventions to reduce the risk of teen substance abuse. Investigators from the University at Buffalo

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Study Suggests Celebrex Isn’t Riskier Than Rival Pain Drugs

A major study of drugs used to treat arthritis pain challenges some long-held assumptions about the safety of pills taken by millions of patients world-wide. But limitations of the data led some researchers to question the results.

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California representatives call for congressional investigation into Purdue Pharma and other opioid makers

Two California representatives called Monday for a congressional investigation of opioid manufacturers, citing a Los Angeles Times investigation that found that the maker of OxyContin collected extensive evidence of criminal trafficking of its drug but i

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'To my daughter's drug dealer': A distraught mother's viral Facebook post

Tina Louden's honest, raw confession is just the latest in a string of online posts and even death announcements that have dared to talk about topics long-held as taboos: addiction, drugs, mental illness.

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Illegal drugs are flowing into California's most guarded prisons — and killing death row inmates

Condemned murderer Michael Jones was acting strangely and profusely sweating when guards escorted him in chains to the San Quentin medical unit that doubles as the psych ward on death row.

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Drugs Past Their Expiration Date | The Medical Letter, Inc.

Healthcare providers are often asked if drugs can be used past their expiration date. Because of legal restrictions and liability concerns, manufacturers do not sanction such use and usually do not even comment on the safety or effectiveness of their products beyond the date on the label.

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'It's very sad': Mother with two kids, $500,000 in cocaine in car arrested on Interstate 5, officials allege

A mother traveling with two children and almost $500,000 worth of cocaine was arrested after Border Patrol agents stopped her on Interstate 5 in San Clemente, authorities said.

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Cannabis Use Linked to Better Social Skills in Psychosis

Individuals with psychosis who have used cannabis have greater premorbid social skills than persons with psychosis who have never used the drug, the results of multinational study reveal.

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Science Confirms Turmeric As Effective As 14 Drugs

Next1 of 2Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder, GreenMedInfo Turmeric is one the most thoroughly researched plants in existence today.  Its medicinal properties and components (primarily curcumin) have been the subject of over 5600 peer-reviewed and publishe

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Brain Chemicals Explain the Power of Placebos

In recent years, research has explained much about how placebos work. Patricia Churchland on chemicals made in our brains that reduce pain

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The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think

New evidence about addiction isn't just a challenge to us politically. It doesn't just force us to change our minds. It forces us to change our hearts....