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Border Crisis Isn’t Just About Illegal Immigration, It’s Also About Cartels

The Biden administration wants to blame the border crisis on Donald Trump, but the problem is much larger and more complex than that.

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EXCLUSIVE: Cartels Helped Pick Top Officials in Mexican Border State, Leaked Documents Show

Mexican law enforcement documents show the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas had influence over hiring for top law enforcement positions.

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Blame Activists, Cartels for Crisis at Border, Not Trump

Trump is not one to stand by and not try every possible legal option to get the job done—and that includes shaking up the team.

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North Carolina Sheriffs, Dealing With Cartel Violence, Call for Congress to Fund Wall

More than 1,400 miles north of the southwest border, sheriffs are battling drug trafficking, overdoses, gang and cartel ...

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Caravan Charge Reveals Weakness in Border Structures

After some 1,000 migrants attempted to break through the U.S.-Mexico border in Tijuana, Border Patrol Chief said such places need a wall.