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China has reopened its borders to tourists after three years of COVID-19 closure

The ability of residents Hong Kong to cross into mainland is one of the most visible signs of China's easing of border restrictions, with travelers arriving no longer required to undergo quarantines.

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Could China Really Invade and Hold Taiwan?

Beijing may want to control Taiwan, but serious obstacles make seizing the island a costly challenge that may not even be worth the effort.

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The U.S. made a breakthrough battery discovery — then gave the technology to China

Taxpayers spent $15 million on research to build a breakthrough battery. Then the U.S. government gave it to China.

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Bangkok Hidden Gems ???? Thailand Cycling Tour on Folding Bikes

4K Thailand Cycling Tour - Bangkok Canals and Temples route. Bike Touring on folding bikes. Explore Bangkok by bicycle, today we are cycling through some of ...

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How KFC became a Christmas tradition in Japan

Forget turkey. In Japan, Christmas is a time to feast on KFC. CNN Travel explores how the American fast food chain grew to be synonymous with the holiday seeason.

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WHO Points To Wildlife Farms In Southern China As Likely Source Of Pandemic

Peter Daszak of the investigative team sent to Wuhan says the farms were probably where the coronavirus first jumped from bats to another animal before infecting humans.

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Taiwan processor chip maker to set up $3.5 billion US arm

A Taiwanese maker of processor chips for Apple Inc. and other customers plans to invest $3.5 billion to set up its second U.S. manufacturing site amid American concern about relying too heavily on sources in Asia for high-tech components.

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a VERY Bad Career Choice (illegal drugs in Vietnam) - (Law & Order)

Vietnam's effort to control drug trafficking, and production in the country is very strong. The problem is big, and the resources are limited, but the Vietna...

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Long Boards Are Making a Comeback!

Shout out to Hans for the trick tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gut3T6DZEhI&t=819s And the free wheels and trucks by: http://skatebloodorange.com/ and ...

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Israeli Company to Bring Electricity to Remote Villages in Asia

Israeli Company to Bring Electricity to Remote Villages in Asia  Israeli startup Aquarius Engines partners with international telecom giant Nokia to help put its revolutionary generator design out in the field in Asian locations that are off the grid. By

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Social credit system coming to China, with citizens scored on behavior

A social credit system will go into effect next year across China, where every citizen will be scored based on their behavior. Good actions, like volunteering, and bad, like littering, are tracked using algorithms, artificial intelligence and facial recog

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White Noise Records is a Hub for Hong Kong’s DIY Underground

“In Western culture, it’s almost a rite of passage to rebel—to join a band, to be an artist. That’s not Hong Kong’s reality.”

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Paul Weller Japan Tour 2018

22/Jan/2018 EX Theater Roppongi Long Time

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Trump meets Kim and sets the stage for fundamental change in Asia -– Here's what his critics missed | Fox News

President Trump achieved a major diplomatic breakthrough Tuesday in his historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, dramatically improving America’s national security.

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50 years after My Lai massacre, survivors remember: 'I had to climb over so many bodies'

Before the day was over, 504 Vietnamese villagers were killed by American soldiers in what would be known as the My Lai massacre in the Vietnam War.

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Underground Cave Dwelling, Deep-Water Soloing and Paddling in Vietnam

A paddleboard may just be the best craft to explore this fascinating country.

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Home - Manila Sunset Filipino Restaurant

Welcome to Manila Sunset. We cannot promise to give you the grandeur of the famous sunset at Manila Bay, but only the authentic taste of the Philippine cuisine and the country's legendary hospitality.

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The 5,6,7,8's / Jet Boys / Guitar Wolf documentary

www.longgoneloser.com Part of a Japanese special on culture and traditional family values that focus' on rock n roll lifestyles of the girls from The 5,6,7,8's.

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Hong Kong Hustle best blog in HK | Hong Kong Hustle

Hong Kong Hustle - the best blog about music, fashion, nightlife, art, film, culture and cool in HK. Your guide to the city!

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Jet Boys - Jet Patrol!! (Full Album)

Japan (2004) 1. You Are Lukewarm, More Blitzkrieg Bop 00:00 2. Hey Bitch!! Rock'N'Roll Tonight 02:28 3. No Need To Change (The Way You Are) 04:36 4. Highteen...

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Spirited Away | SUP Adventure in Japan

A crew of river paddlers charges whitewater and learns about Japanese culture during a spiritual SUP adventure.

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Sony Will Start Making Vinyl Records Again In Japan, After Nearly 30-Year Hiatus

Sony says it's meeting new demand from young people who buy records they've heard on streaming services. The company stopped pressing vinyl in 1989.

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6 Amazing Places To Paddle Board In Japan | Supconnect.com

Although small in size, Japan is one place that has no shortage of places to stand up paddle board (SUP). As a nation completely surrounded by water there are endless opportunities to grab your SUP and find the perfect place to get on the water. Professio

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TEENGENERATE - smash hits! 1 - get me back 2 - wild weekend 3 - just head 4 - gonna feel alright 5 - midnight to six man 6 - sex cow 7 - savage 8 - tore me a...

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Church of Misery "Brother Bishop" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Order Here: http://www.metalblade.com/churchofmisery Church of Misery's video "Brother Bishop" from the album "Thy Kingdom Scum".

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John Wetton dies aged 67

Singer and bassist John Wetton dies at the age of 67 after cancer battle.

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The Short History of Cycling Anime

Cycling anime is about the most niche genre you can imagine, but we've always loved it. Take a journey with us through its somewhat short history. Website: h...

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8Bar Bikes welcomes Irfan

Welcome to the 8Bar team, Irfan! Congratulations homeboy! Camerawork : Iqbal Mansor Editing : Muhammad Mohd Amin Final Touch Up : Erry Hilmin Song credit…

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This is "MAYHEM_TEASER_2016/2017_WIP" by norsboi on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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Flying the course a game changer

Now it can be told! The foiling tack is a game-changer. SoftBank Team Japan​ and then ORACLE TEAM USA, started foil-tacking upwind back in April. Earlier thi...

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TEENGENERATE - savage 1 - my GTO 2 - drive 3 - so bored 4 - all i want 5 - gonna feel alright 6 - wanna drink 7 - little girl 8 - no reason no complain 9 - s...

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Korean Girls Try American BBQ

Korean girls try pulled pork, brisket and American style pork ribs for the first time. Help others learn about American BBQ by sharing this video. Let us kno...

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Trail Hunter - Japan

Matt Hunter, professional mountain biker and adventure seeker, finds inspiration traveling the world, exploring new trails and having unique experiences that...

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Carry-on Adventures Episode 3: Bangkok's Floating Markets | Canoe & Kayak Magazine

The third episode of Carry-on Adventures presented by Expedia captures a paddling trip back in time on the remote Solentiname Archipelago of Lake Nicaragua.

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What It’s Like Living In Communist Vietnam | Live and Invest Overseas

Living in a communist state has its differences. But modern Vietnam is more capitalist in practice.

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Meet Tapashi Devchoudhury, India’s Only Female Stand Up Paddle Surfer | Supconnect.com

As India’s only female stand up paddle (SUP) surfer, Tapashi Devchoudhury is pushing boundaries and opening doors for the sport of stand up paddling. In a country with over 1.2 billion people, being India’s only SUP surfer is quite the accomplishment

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Track Or Trick-Bombing City 2015

Finally it is up! After three months of shooting, editing, discussing and we finally complete the idea that we always wanna convey. It's definitely fun riding…

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Video | Japan's Hidden River SUP | SUP Magazine

The journey to the river was not an easy one, but the scenic paddle filled with rushing rapids was well worth it for these Japanese diehards. 

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Video: Cycling in Seoul - Gear Patrol

“Ride in Seoul,” a film by Seoul based filmmaker Jayful profiles a lone, fixed-gear rider ripping through the Seoul night.

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Mo Freitas SUPs Japan | Supconnect.com

From rivers to the sea, racing and surfing, Mo Freitas traveled the waterways and oceans in Japan for three weeks in September experiencing Japan in all its glory. While in Japan Mo competed in a few events, took home a victory and memories to last a life

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Bart de Zwart Releases World SUP Excursion Video | Supconnect.com

In 2015 SUP expeditioner Bart de Zwart set off on the trip of a lifetime where he traveled around the world in 27 days with friend and photographer Franz Orsi. The twosome flew around the world with inflatable SUPs from Starboard SUP to the corners of the

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The Trail to Kazbegi

The Trail to Kazbegi is the latest film from adventure filmmaker Joey Schusler, Yeti Cycles, and Smith Optics. Terrifying lightning storms, raging river crossings, mind-melting descents, and tense encounters with over-zealous border patrol guards became t

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10 Ways to Spot an American Abroad

Being Americans, we think we're pretty awesome. Across the globe, not everyone will agree with that sentiment, however. If you don't want to stick out like a sore thumb, try to avoid these stereotypical aspects of an average American traveler.

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SUP Downwinder - Hong Kong - Port Shelter Express Run - Part 2

This shows the 2nd 1/2 of the Port Shelter Run in Sai Kung in Oct 2015 in 21 knot winds from the North. Conditions get bigger. Boards are SIC F16s and SIC Bu...

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Indonesia sinks 34 of its neighbors' boats to celebrate Independence Day, and Vietnam isn't happy

In what might be one of the world’s strangest Independence Day fireworks displays, Indonesia sank boats seized for illegal fishing.