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COVID Passports: If They Aren’t Mandated by Government How Can Fake Documents Be a Crime?

In an odd announcement, the Minneapolis field office of the FBI issued a social media post saying they intend to go after people who make...

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Trump Vows to Bring US Drug Prices in Line With Other Countries, End 'Global Freeloading'

WASHINGTON—Speaking at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Oct. 25, President Donald Trump vowed to take on the “global freeloading” that makes drug prices higher in the United States than other developed nations. He announ

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Foreigners hacked Obamacare website on July 8 but HHS only discovered it 10 days ago | Mail Online

HHS says Healthcare.gov 'was not specifically targeted' and it's beefing up security, but the embarrassing episode shows critics had well-reasoned fears before the site's disastrous launch.