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How to make a career out of copywriting

If you’re a wordsmith looking to make a career out of copywriting or take your skills a step further, these copywriting mastery course bundles can show you how to use your experience, knowledge, and creativity to write copy that actually converts.

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Use this 3-step copywriting formula to overcome writer’s block

This simple but effective approach will unclog your synapses and get the ideas flowing again. Ever struggle to start writing your copy? I did. I struggled with starting a lot, especially at the beginning of my career. Back then, starting was difficult b

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Your Guide to Highly Addictive Product Marketing, According to Slack | Inc.

Here's how workplace messaging unicorn, Slack, uses copywriting to make its product addictive--and you can too.

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Learn How to Write Copy That Sells

Increase your sales with the tips from the Step-by-Step Copywriting Secrets.

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Working at your desk could make your copywriting rubbish | The Drum

Copywriter Andrew Boulton on the dangers of only ever writing in the same place.

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Learn how to start a career as a copywriter for less than $25

Have you ever wondered if your writing hobby could actually become a career? Learn what it takes to be a copywriter, land clients, and build your portfolio.

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If You're Not Converting Visitors to Customers, Blame These Common Landing Page Copywriting Mistakes.

The time and effort you spend on site design and marketing is mostly wasted if you don't get your landing page right.

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The Only Copywriting Formula You'll Ever Need

Fear is the most “primal” human motivator. Here's a three-step copywriting formula to leverage it in your content along with 13 questions to guide you.

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UX in Copywriting: Copy from an Experiential Point of View

Good copywriting is about creating an experience with the letters in the alphabet & the space on a page. We take a look at copy from a UX point of view.

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Need to Write Emails That Produce ROI? One Writer Says Try This.

Copyhackers Founder Joanna Wiebe shares her advice on writing emails that produce real, tangible ROI.

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10 Classic Copywriting Books for Results-Driven Content Marketers - Copyblogger

Demian Farnworth recommends 10 classic copywriting book that will help modern, results-driven content marketers absorb vital copywriting mechanics.

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The First-Timers Guide to Great Copy

Want to nail your sales pitches from the get-go, without having to resort to icky, pushy marketing? Of course you do. Don't we all? The reality is tha...

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How to Become More Creative with Your Copywriting!

Great copywriting is essential to the success of any business. When it comes to marketing for startups, many things must be done correctly if the ultimate goal of creating conversions is going to be met.

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The Art of Persuasion: How to Craft Words That Sell : Social Media Examiner

Social Media Marketing Podcast 192. In this episode Ray Edwards will explore how to craft written and spoken words that sell.

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10 Sure-Fire Ways To Improve Your Copywriting Skills

There's always some room to make improvements even if you feel that you are not good at copywriting. Check out these 10 sure-fire ways to improve your copywriting skills.

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What Exercises Can I Do to Become a Better Writer? - Freelancer FAQs

Have you looked back at an article or blog you wrote as a freelance writer and cringed? I know I have, and I still do. Sometimes the issue is punctuation then I realize my flow is off or the wording is awkward. Writing can be a difficult skill to master.

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125 Quick Tips to Sharpen Your Copywriting Skills

Learn how to sharpen your copywriting skills with the extensive list of writitng tips from many of the best copywriters in marketing.

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Applying User Onboarding Strategies to Our Blog Reduced Subscriber Churn 50%

If blog subscriptions are like mini products, then many of the lessons we’ve learned on improving user onboarding can be applied to help reduce churn.

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How to Become a Better Copywriter: 21 Tips from the Experts

Want to improve as a copywriter? Check out these tips from 21 copywriting experts.

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Write Like Hemingway: The App | Social Media Today

A lot of writers wish they would write more like Hemingway. And now there is an app for that.

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How to Write a 2000-Word Article in 2 Hours

You could create more content, drive high-quality traffic from search engines, and generate more leads.

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15 Copywriting Tips To Grow Your Content, Engagements, and Readership

Writing copy is like applying to a job. It does not matter how good you are or the amount of experience you have, if you cannot pass the resume/cover letter stage, you are not going to get the job. S…

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How to write compelling copy for the Web | Webdesigner Depot

Have you ever heard the saying “web design is 95% typography”? If you have, it’s with good reason: it’s 100% true, the majority of what you’ll encounter on the

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How We Grew Our Blog from 20K to 200K+ Page Views in 1 Year

One company grew its blog from 20,000 page views to 200,000 page views a month when it took these 10 steps – Content Marketing Institute.

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My Mom Was a Mad Man: David Murray Book Excerpt | Special: Mad Men - Advertising Age

David Murray recounts how his mother, Carol Muehl of Campbell-Ewald, left a copywriting legacy, in an excerpt from his book "Raised by Mad Men."