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How to Make 1 Million Dollars a Year as a Writer

This intriguing revelation not only underscores the enduring allure of the written word but also signals a significant shift in the way individuals perceive and pursue their professional aspirations…

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How I make six figures on Substack

It's been a surprising/thriving 18 months on here, so here's some stuff I know.

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When Ernest Hemingway Walked Away From Two Plane Crashes Just Hours Apart

The novelist endured a crash in East Africa. Then his 'rescue' plane went down, too.

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Would LOVE to know what you think: I’ve taken a risk | Workplace Coach Blog

Real-life writing...would love to know what you think of this blog, with mountains, dogs, and writing from the cabin

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Making the Best of Winter Despite COVID: because of you, we overcome the despites; thank you - Workplace Coach Blog

We got this despite the challenges, the is much that's good, though it takes effort and help

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Use this 3-step copywriting formula to overcome writer’s block

This simple but effective approach will unclog your synapses and get the ideas flowing again. Ever struggle to start writing your copy? I did. I struggled with starting a lot, especially at the beginning of my career. Back then, starting was difficult b

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Behind the story: One writer’s eventual embrace of the red-hot VW Buss - Los Angeles Times

A vintage VW Bus is a headache to own, but its aura makes the trouble worth it. Just ask the author, who gets stares, waves and smiles when he drives his.

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No, you probably don’t have a book in you | The Outline

A literary agent on why your good story isn’t likely to be a bestseller.

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When I was coming up to graduating from my BA in Creative Writing, I received no guidance from the uni or anyone else about what to do […]

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How to Research and Plan Your Blog Content for a Year

Discover how to use your blog's editorial calendar to plan and publish strategic content on a consistent schedule.

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4 Reasons Why Blogging Isn’t Dead

I go to a lot of business events around the city. Sometimes I’m there as and attendee and other times I’ve been invited to speak. Either way, without fail, there is always someone there who asks…

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UX in Copywriting: Copy from an Experiential Point of View

Good copywriting is about creating an experience with the letters in the alphabet & the space on a page. We take a look at copy from a UX point of view.

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Words in your ears: the 10 best books podcasts | Books | The Guardian

A bookseller and writer chooses his favourite audio options for those occasions when actually reading a book would be ill-advised

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So how much do freelance writers actually make?

Everything you ever wanted to know (and some you didn't) about what freelance writers make.

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10 Classic Copywriting Books for Results-Driven Content Marketers - Copyblogger

Demian Farnworth recommends 10 classic copywriting book that will help modern, results-driven content marketers absorb vital copywriting mechanics.

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What Exercises Can I Do to Become a Better Writer? - Freelancer FAQs

Have you looked back at an article or blog you wrote as a freelance writer and cringed? I know I have, and I still do. Sometimes the issue is punctuation then I realize my flow is off or the wording is awkward. Writing can be a difficult skill to master.

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The top 10 words invented by writers | Books | The Guardian

‘Authorisms’ – neologisms coined by authors which have entered the wider language – have been enriching English for centuries. From Shakespeare to Joseph Heller, Paul Dickson selects his favourites

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How to Avoid 7 of the Most Humiliating Proofreading Mishaps

While minor grammar mishaps won't get you into too much trouble, other proofreading errors can be both humiliating and costly.

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Classic Authors Who Suck, According To Other Classic Authors

Do you hate negative book reviews? Try telling that to Mark Twain, D.H. Lawrence, or any of these famous authors who have trashed their fellow writers' publications! Photos: Associated Press, Getty Interactive infographic by Jan Diehm fo...

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9 Writers Who Are At The Top Of Their Game

Originally posted on Kirkus: Your friends may recommend a book to you they like or maybe you’ve read a review of a book that sounds intriguing. Those will be good reads, no doubt. But when you pick up a book by a writer who’s not only ...