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See the Optical Illusion Hidden in the MLB Logo

The silhouetted player in the MLB logo is ambiguous in more ways than one.

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Every Automotive Emblem, Explained

GP compiles an encyclopedia of automotive emblems, along with the story behind the badge.

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Logomorphs: Watch 13 of the Biggest Logo Transformations from the Past Year - HOW Design

Check out these animated images showing the biggest logo redesigns of 2016 and early 2017.

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Why Your Company Logo Should Be Wordless

A wordless logo appeals visually while cutting out all those advertising words. And Millennials hate advertising. Here are the studies proving it.

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The logos of these 19 huge companies have changed beyond recognition since they launched

We compiled a list comparing the first logos of 20 of the biggest brands in the world with their most recent logos, with help from StockLogos.com.

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Optical corrections every logo designer should know about – Logo Geek

When designing a logo sometimes grid systems alone are not the solution - optical corrections should be used. This blog discusses the illusions & fixes.

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MeTV Network | These 21 old logos show that major brands looked much different in the 1960s

Rewind the clock half a century and the grocery shelves and neon-lit roadsides of America look much different. While many of our most recognized brands have been around for decades, their looks have evolved. Mascots come and go. Colors change with the sty

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The Precarious State Of Logo Design | Co.Design | business + design

Branding launches have morphed into a design industry telenovela. Here's how firms are adapting.

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Uber CEO Travis Kalanick personally helped design the new logo, and it shows | The Verge

Uber just rolled out a brand new icon for its app, logo for its company, and overall design refresh for its brand. You can argue about its quality down in the comments. Some will undoubtedly love...

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The 9 worst logo changes of 2015

To identify the worst revamps, Business Insider looked through graphic-design publisher UnderConsideration's Brand New blog archives.

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11 More Hidden Messages in Company Logos | Mental Floss

As we've mentioned before, some logos like to sneak in some hidden symbols and meanings. Some might have been staring at you right in the face without you noticing.

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Every NFL team's logo changes through the years, in one GIF

When an NFL franchise changes its primary logo or uniform design, it feels like a major event. In many ways, an NFL team's identity is tied to its logo.

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19 famous companies that originally had different names

Did you know that many household-name companies actually started out with completely different names?

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25 Things Hiding in Sports Logos

We've looked at hidden messages in corporate logos before. Here are some examples from the world of sports, some more obvious than others.