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See the Optical Illusion Hidden in the MLB Logo

The silhouetted player in the MLB logo is ambiguous in more ways than one.

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The Top 10 Best Free Fonts for Designers in 2023

For amazing typographic designs in the year 2023, take advantage of our top 10 free fonts selection that graphic designers can download.

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I'm A Graphic Designer — & I Made $200K By Starting My Own Business

In our series My Salary Story, women with long-term career experience open up about the most intimate details of their jobs: compensation.

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This app is like Shazam for fonts

WhatTheFont is a Shazam for fonts — a designer’s dream. The app is a mobile version of the website previously developed by MyFonts, and recognizes any font you point at with your camera, including a variation of similar fonts to go with it. It also le

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This cool tool deletes the background from images so you don’t have to use Photoshop | TechCrunch

If you’re tired of firing up Photoshop for lightweight image editing tasks, this little tool is good news for you. Called Remove.bg, it can clear out the background of an image in seconds, no lassoing or any other editing hassle required. Because it use

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David Klein's Magnificent TWA Posters - Flashbak

The illustrator and artist David Klein is best known today for his glorious posters for the Howard Hughes owned Trans World Airlines in the 1950s and 1960s. TWA at the time was one of the world’s most well known and admired airlines. It became the f

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The Design Theory Behind Amazon’s $5.6 Billion Success

Amazon’s success brings into relief a principle that is sometimes hard to swallow in the design community: Successful design is not necessarily beautiful.

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Design Week’s 10 biggest stories of 2016 - Design Week Design Week

The news that got you talking this year – we look at the 10 most-read stories across Design Week this year.

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Optical corrections every logo designer should know about – Logo Geek

When designing a logo sometimes grid systems alone are not the solution - optical corrections should be used. This blog discusses the illusions & fixes.

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MeTV Network | These 21 old logos show that major brands looked much different in the 1960s

Rewind the clock half a century and the grocery shelves and neon-lit roadsides of America look much different. While many of our most recognized brands have been around for decades, their looks have evolved. Mascots come and go. Colors change with the sty

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The Precarious State Of Logo Design | Co.Design | business + design

Branding launches have morphed into a design industry telenovela. Here's how firms are adapting.

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Assembly for iOS is a graphic design app for beginners and pros alike

Assembly is an iOS app that makes graphic design accessible, regardless of your experience or lack there of. Ok, so it’s not going to be winning you any pr

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11 More Hidden Messages in Company Logos | Mental Floss

As we've mentioned before, some logos like to sneak in some hidden symbols and meanings. Some might have been staring at you right in the face without you noticing.

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A fight is brewing over ads in the 'open-source Photoshop'

Far from just being that character in Pulp Fiction, GIMP is also an open-source alternative to Photoshop that's given away freely for all to use. Unfortu

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12 beautiful airline posters from the 'Mad Men' era from the British Airways Heritage Centre - Business Insider

In the "Mad Men" TV series, fictional ad agency Sterling Cooper memorably creates ads and concepts for airlines including Mohawk and American Airlines.

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25 Fantastic and Funny Photos Celebrate Photoshop's 25th Birthday - My Modern Met

Happy Birthday, Photoshop! Twenty-five years ago, this week, a little graphics editing program named Photoshop was born. Fast forward a few decades and now we…

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Using Levels in Photoshop to Image Correct Color and Contrast

You will learn how to colour correct your images and enhance contrast using the Levels Tool in Photoshop

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The World of Mad Men Through a 21st-Century Lens

Mad Men fans will just love this graphic series created by the designers at Shutterstock. Entitled Mod Men: The World of Mad Men Through a 21st-Century Lens, t…

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25 Things Hiding in Sports Logos

We've looked at hidden messages in corporate logos before. Here are some examples from the world of sports, some more obvious than others.

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7 Tech Logos Before They Became Iconic

A great logo encapsulates the personality and promise of the business behind it. Some of the world’s most ubiquitous logos had humble beginnings.