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Coca-Cola Hosts Earth Day Event With Democrat Who Says Jews Control Weather

Coca-Cola Consolidated and Giant Food held an Earth Day environmental cleanup event with a Democratic Washington, D.C., councilman who has accused Jews of controlling the climate.

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Is Coca-Cola Getting Cold Feet in Its Wedding to Wokeness?

After taking a boycott hit because of their woke Critical Race Theory-based public policy stances, it appears they are back peddling so...

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Coca-Cola’s Bottom Line Is Evidently More Important Than Woke-ism

Executives at the Coca-Cola Company are taking a more conciliatory tone about Georgia’s voting reforms after coming under pressure...

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The Woke Arrogance or Blind Ignorance of the Cola-Cola Corporation

The woke arrogance of the executives at the Atlanta-based Coca-Cola company proves one of two things: Either the executives at Coca-Cola...

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Coca-Cola Forcing Outside Law Firms to Adopt Diversity Quotas

In an attempt to circumvent the wrath of the ESG score purveyors, the Coca-Cola Corporation has instituted new diversity guidelines for...

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Coca-Cola Makes Employees Take Training on How to 'Be Less White'

The Coca-Cola company has mandated that their employees undergo anti-racism training that instructs the workers to “be less white.” Images captured from the training show a section of the program titled “Confronting Racism. Understanding what it mea

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Coca-Cola Is Discontinuing TaB After Almost 60 Years

It doesn’t have a huge fan base, but the people who run the website ‘ilovetab.com’ are going to be very upset about this.

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A Bonkers ’70s Car Chase Ends in a 3-Way Flavor Collision to Announce the Newest Coke – Adweek

Wieden Kennedy introduces Orange Vanilla Coke, the brand’s first new flavor in 12 years.

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Double Chocolate Coca Cola Cake

I just happened to see this recipe on facebook from an old school friend. Her mother use to make this cake when we were kids and I remembered way back then when she brought it over for us to try. It was so good and brought back happy memories.

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Coca-Cola collaborated with the Nazis in the 1930s, and Fanta is the proof

The not-so-sweet history

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Coca-Cola (KO) has quietly removed sugar from some of its sodas—and no one seems to care — Quartz

In hindsight, the corporate fuss over sugar was misplaced. For years, consumers have been angling for food companies to use less sugar in their manufactured goods for health reasons. For their part, companies have tinkered with reworking their recipes, bu

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Coca-Cola Just Remastered Its Famous 'Hilltop' Ad From 1971, and It Looks Fantastic

Fans of Coca-Cola—and the Mad Men finale—are getting a nice treat today. The soda company just announced that it has remastered and color-corrected its famous 1971 commercial

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Pittsburgh Steelers' Mean Joe Greene reunites with kid in iconic Coca-Cola commercial | FOX Sports

Mean Joe Greene reminisces with kid in famous Coke Super Bowl commercial

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Interesting facts about Coca-Cola - Business Insider

Did you know Coke invented couponing? And Coke conjured up the image of Santa Claus we all know today?

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30 years ago today Coca-Cola fixed a mistake that could have destroyed the company

The most iconic American soda company once pulled a stunt that infuriated masses and nearly drove...

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What the real guy behind that Coke commercial thought of Mad Men

Mad Men ended with an iconic 1971 Coca-Cola commercial, “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke.” On the show, it was Don Draper who presumably masterminded the zeitgeist-capturing advertisement. In real life, however, the credit goes to Bill Backer, a former McCann Erickson creative director who thought up the commercial’s concept while sitting in an airport during a flight delay.

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First Coca-Cola Polar Bear Commercial Turns 20

Visual effects artist Todd Shifflett from Rhythm & Hues reflects on the technologically groundbreaking 1993 ad, 'Northern Lights.'