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The Whiteness of Wokeness | PragerU

Most people advocating for radical social change on behalf of people of color are not themselves people of color. How do you explain that? Wilfred Reilly,…

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Cal State Faculty Bribed to Train in Expunging ‘Whiteness’ from Society

The faculty at California State University East Bay is being offered $1,200 bribes – or “cash incentives” – to undergo professional...

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Woke-ism’s Critical Race Theory Invasion of Education Being Challenged

A growing number of parents and educators are pushing back against the destructive and divisive Critical Race Theory being inflicted on...

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DHS Wants to Employ 'No Fly List' for Monitoring Travel of ‘Suspected’ Domestic Extremists

The Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security is examining the feasibility of expanding the No Fly List to a role in which...

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Twitter Refuses to Clarify If Dehumanizing Language About Whiteness Violates Rules

In a betrayal of their ideological bias, requests for Twitter to clarify their policy on “dehumanizing language” and whether recent posts...

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Coca-Cola Makes Employees Take Training on How to 'Be Less White'

The Coca-Cola company has mandated that their employees undergo anti-racism training that instructs the workers to “be less white.” Images captured from the training show a section of the program titled “Confronting Racism. Understanding what it mea

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How to Think about Privilege | National Review

Progressives misuse the term “white” as a catch-all for everything they dislike.