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The 12 Greatest, Strangest, Most Transfixing Dance Scenes in the History of Crime Movies ‹ CrimeReads

Anyone who knows me well can tell you two things. One, I like crime fiction in all its forms. Two, I like it when the characters in those crime fictions break into some kind of dance. Ideally, the …

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A Stylish Supercut of Dance Scenes From '80s Movies

The supercut is an infectious celebration of some of the most iconic dance scenes in 1980s movies.

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Dance Your Way Fit | Jlife

Jlife magazine recently had the pleasure of catching up with dancer and celebrity fitness trainer Ilyse Baker to get the “skinny” on all things fitness related. Here are just a few of her pearls of fitness and dance wisdom.

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New York Theatre Ballet Gambles on Young Dance-Makers

Rarely these days do ballet companies place large bets on emerging choreographers, particularly female choreographers. Rarely do the East and Left Coasts of dance acknowledge each other's existence.

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High Schoolers' Stellar Moves Will Make You Cheer

A trio of teens recently brought the house school down when they battled each other in an impromptu dance-off, impressing everyone gathered with their stellar moves. Video captures Josh Grant, Taiz

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The Body Never Lies: Dancers Use Age in Art

The powerful performances of these amateur dancers, all 60 and older, draw on their life experiences.