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Jewish star of ‘Cobra Kai,’ 1 of the best on-screen bullies, preaches against them in real life - Rolling Out

Actor who played an antagonistic character in the classic movie ‘The Karate Kid’, uses martial arts to challenge bullying The post Jewish Star Of ‘Cobra Kai,’ One Of The Best On-screen Bullies, Preaches Against Them In Real Life appeared first on

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Do the 'Cobra Kai' plot twists go too far? Oh yes. But in a fun way, its stars say

Returning guest stars from the 'Karate Kid' films and shifting perspectives all add to the series' cheeky humor.

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The Strange Problem The Stunt Coordinator Encountered On Cobra Kai

Given the high amount of karate in the now four seasons of "Cobra Kai," it makes sense that a dedicated stunt team is on hand to make sure it all looks legit.

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'Karate Kid' Apartment Damaged In Fire; 2 Hospitalized

'Karate Kid' Apartment Damaged In Fire; 2 Hospitalized - Sherman Oaks, CA - Two people were rescued and hospitalized after the Los Angeles area apartment building made famous in the "Karate Kid" movie caught fire.

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Was Daniel LaRusso The Real Bully In The Karate Kid?

While many fans identify Johnny Lawrence as the bully in the original Karate Kid trilogy, was Daniel LaRusso really that innocent?

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Why Cobra Kai’s Creators Wanted To Fix An Aspect Of Ali’s Story

Cobra Kai really came through in regard to this key problem with Ali's story.

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Just How Much Karate Do 'Cobra Kai' Stars Actually Know?

Much like Daniel LaRusso in "The Karate Kid," the teens in YouTube sequel series "Cobra Kai" got pretty damn good at karate pretty damn quickly

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This Karate Kid video argues Daniel LaRusso is the movie's villain | EW.com

If you thought the hero of the 1984 film The Karate Kid was Daniel LaRusso, think again. A new video argues that Daniel (Ralph Macchio) is actually the film’s top bully, a “violent sociopath who moves to a California town and begins tormenting a local

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30 Years After 'Karate Kid,' Billy Zabka Says Cobra Kais Are Still Best Friends - ABC News

"Sweep the leg!" Everyone has their favorite line from the "Karate Kid," where Daniel LaRusso fights back against bad boy and bully Johnny Lawrence to win the All-Valley Karate Tournament in the thrilling end to the 1984 film.