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'Back to the Future' fan gets 'dream ticket' after hitting 88 mph in his DeLorean - LA Times

“Back to the Future” ultra-fan Spencer LaGrand White got a speeding ticket after reaching 88 mph in his DeLorean on a Southern California freeway.

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DeLorean releases new details about Back to the Future cars coming in May 2017

DeLorean Motor Company is reviving the iconic car, making it twice as powerful and much lighter than before.

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DeLorean Plans to Go Back Into Production | Inverse

The DeLorean Motor Company has announced it plans to reproduce a limited run of its iconic 1982 sports car that found its greatest fame as the time ...

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This “Back to the Future” Ford GT is Definitely Quicker than 88 MPH

Two days gone from Back to the Future day, and we’re still nursing our nostalgia hangovers. Flying DeLoreans, hoverboards, self-lacing Nikes—the future is now, people. But one thing the future desperately needs is a Ford GT time machine to take us ba

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The DeLorean Lives On, Back In This Future

Michael J. Fox crushed the role of “Back To The Future” protagonist Marty McFly, and in the movie-trilogy-process immortalized the DeLorean DMC-12, a stainless steel, gull-winged automotive comet that burned bright and flamed out fast. “There’s no