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Dr. Seuss Canceled in Virginia School System Over 'Racial Undertones'

Each year, on “Reading Across America Day” – a day that purposely falls on the birthday of celebrated and time-honored children’s author...

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The Dark, Destructive, Murderous Psychological Forces of Cancel Culture

The cancel culture we are living in should itself be canceled. That must be obvious to most people, given the way in which it stifles the free expression of ideas, but I think there’s more happening t...

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Amazon De-Platforms Book by Conservative Author on Transgenderism Without Explanation

In another move to digitally book burn, Amazon's web store has removed a best-selling book by a conservative author focusing on the science, social science, and politics of transgenderism. Amazon did so without notifying or informing the author why the bo

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When Republicans Attack 'Cancel Culture,' What Does It Mean?

"Cancel culture" attacks are everywhere among Republicans: Marjorie Taylor Greene's defenders say the left is canceling her. Others claim they're being canceled for not standing by Donald Trump.

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Gina Carano and Crowd-Sourced McCarthyism

Talking with the Star Wars actress about her cancellation and a meme.

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No. You’re Not Getting “Canceled” for Being a Conservative

  Disney announced the firing of actress Gina Carano over an Instagram post the company called “abhorrent.” The post ended up being the straw that

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France Now Considers America’s Woke Leftism, Cancel Culture A Global Threat

French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters that the chief threat to national cohesiveness around the world is the extreme woke

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Psychologist Explains the Unhealthy Incentives Behind ‘Cancel Culture’

The destruction wrought by mob-driven cancel culture comes with even greater costs than individual lives turned upside down and dreams destroyed.

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After Trying To Cancel Gina Carano For Wrongthink, Disney Has Now Been Cancelled By Conservatives

One of the stars of the Disney-Plus Star Wars series The Mandalorian, has been canceled by Hollywood’s cancel culture elitists

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'Out-of-control woke leftism and cancel culture' in US is a threat to FRANCE, French politicians say

French politicians, intellectuals, and academics are arguing against the influence of America's 'out-of-control leftism and cancel culture', branding it an attack on French identity.

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Now Having a Gab or Parler Account Can Now Get You Fired

A literary agency owner has taken on the role of voluntary thought police to appease another Twitter mob.
Literary agent Colleen Oefelein worked for the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency in New York....

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Harvard Dumps Elise Stefanik For Pointing Out 2020 Election Problems

'They obviously don't want to hear perspectives of 73 million Americans who voted for President Trump,' Stefanik expressed.

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Left Wing SPLC Demands Donors Drop Mo Brooks, Cancel Him Immediately

The radically Left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), hasRep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), in their crosshairs, citing the Congressman’s participation in

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RightMinded with Frank Salvato

An irreverent, raw, outspoken New Right podcast that focuses on current events, the culture war, political issues, and relevant topics to those who choose to be aware....

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PC WORD BAN: University of Michigan Claims Words ‘Picnic,’ ‘Brown Bag’ Are Offensive

The University of Michigan’s “Words Matter Task Force” (WMTF), created by the university’s Information & Technology Services (ITS) Department, has

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Getting into the Subject of the 'Uncensored'

In this episode of Underground USA I introduce Pete D'Abosca, an independent journalist and political guy with National File. Pete and I will be doing a 3-times weekly podcast for National File so we decided to shake it down here. Don't worry, U

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Fox News Faces Major Backlash After They Cancel Judge Jeanine to Celebrate "President-Elect Biden"

Fox News is quickly becoming even worse than CNN. Seriously, they’ve been making horrible calls in this sham election, then prior to all of this they’ve

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig - Judaism and Cancel Culture

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Judaism and Cancel Culture America’s “Cancel Culture” wars have reached a new peak, with a recent Vox podcast attack on Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony as “classist” (not “classicist”). In any case, with commemor

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Good Humor tells ice cream truck drivers to immediately stop playing a popular jingle with a VERY racist past

Good Humor has teamed up with rapper RZA for a less racist ice cream truck jingle.

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You can’t get cancelled for anti-Semitism, but you can for philosemitism

A people with dignity is able to stop chasing affections of enemies, and accept affection of friends even if they aren’t trendy enough.

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Jewish Actor Josh Malina Asks Why 'Cancel Culture' Ignores Antisemitism

Josh Malina. Photo: Instagram. Jewish actor and “West Wing” star Josh Malina advocated on Tuesday for the withdrawal of support …

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Pete Buttigieg Under Fire for Ringing Bell for 'Homophobic' Salvation Army That Helps Gay People

LGBT activists are livid that Mayor Pete Buttigieg would raise money for the Salvation Army, a church and charity that serves gay people even though it disagrees with LGBT activism.

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For pro-Palestinian activists on U.S. campuses, the Holocaust is cancelled

Denounce Zionism, or we'll downgrade the Holocaust: That's the message of the Benedictine College activists who tried to bully a Holocaust survivor into backing their campaign

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‘Rosa Parks, you’re on deck’! Sorry, everybody, but it looks like Gandhi’s about to be canceled

Now seems like as good a time as any for a reminder that you’re never too dead to be canceled: