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Digital conglomerate buys right-wing app Parler

The digital media conglomerate Starboard said Friday it purchased the conservative social media site Parler and will temporarily take down the app as it undergoes a “strategic assessment.” The deal came months after another acquisition agreement with rapp

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Parler to sponsor NASCAR Xfinity Series driver JJ Yeley's car in upcoming race

Parler, a self-described free speech social media platform, will sponsor NASCAR Xfinity Series driver JJ Yeley’s No. 17 car during a race later this month at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the company said Tuesday.

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Parler wants an apology from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg after a report said the FBI found little evidence the Capitol riot was a coordinated attack

Sandberg said the attack was planned on other platforms, such as Parler, the "free speech" app that conservatives flocked to after the election.

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Apple will let Parler back on the App Store

Apple has approved Parler's return to the iOS app store following improvements the social media company made to better detect and moderate hate speech and incitement, according to a letter the iPhone maker sent to Congress on Monday.

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Parler sues Amazon again, alleging breach of contract, defamation

Social media company Parler filed a second lawsuit against Amazon and Amazon Web Services this week, alleging breach of contract and defamation.

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House Democrat's Obsession With Parler Does Not Reflect the Reality of January 6th

For all intents and purposes, Parler does not exist. Yet, Democrat Carolyn Maloney is demanding detailed information about who is associated with the company.

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Now Having a Gab or Parler Account Can Now Get You Fired

A literary agency owner has taken on the role of voluntary thought police to appease another Twitter mob.
Literary agent Colleen Oefelein worked for the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency in New York....

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Parler CEO: 'No indication' Big Tech shutdown threats were 'deadly serious' until last minute

Big Tech giants Amazon, Apple and Google gave no indication to upstart social media platform Parler until the very last moment that their threats to pull the plug were "deadly serious," Parler CEO John Matze told "Life, Liberty & Levin" in an interview ai

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Parler Judge Balks at Quick Action to Restore Site on Amazon - Bloomberg

Parler is likely to remain offline, at least in the near-term, after a judge indicated she’s likely to take a slower, considered approach whether to force Amazon.com Inc. to restore its web-hosting service for the conservative social media platform.Amazon

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Parler CEO says social media app, favored by Trump supporters, may not return

Matze said that Parler was talking to more than one cloud computing service but refused to disclose names, citing the likelihood of harassment for the companies involved.

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Barbarian Politics | Underground USA | United States

Jan. 11, 2021 - If it weren’t so deadly serious it would be laughable, but this purge, this “cyber-Kristallnacht” is the coup they fraudulently accused Trump supporters of trying to execute on January 6th. Once again, they are guilty of actually doi

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Parler sues Amazon for suspending app from cloud service, claims antitrust violation and breach of contract

Alternative social media platform Parler filed a lawsuit against Amazon on Monday following Amazon Web Services' decision to suspend Parler from its cloud hosting service following last week's deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol.

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THE PURGE? ABC’s News Director Calls for ‘Cleansing’ Trump’s Supporters

Rick Klein, news director for ABC News wants to “cleanse” the nation of everyone and anyone who supports the President’s

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Parler Will Be Down for Longer Amid Big Tech Onslaught

The SPLC's cancel culture appears to have gone mainstream. Parler disappeared Monday and it will be down as the Big Tech onslaught continues.

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Amazon delivers a killing blow to the pro-Trump social network, Parler

Amazon informed Parler that the pro-Trump social network which was one staging ground for the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, will be suspended from AWS.

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Bongino-backed Parler soars to #1 spot in app stores, passes TikTok and YouTube

As Twitter continues to crack down on election-related content from right-wing accounts, conservatives are flocking to Parler—an alternative platform backed by Dan Bongino.