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How the Slowest Computer Programs Illuminate Math’s Fundamental Limits | Quanta Magazine

The goal of the “busy beaver” game is to find the longest-running computer program. Its pursuit has surprising connections to some of the most profound…

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Introduction to Quantum Programming - Towards Data Science

In depth walkthrough of quantum programming for beginners, building up from the mathematical foundations of qubits to how to run on a real quantum computer.

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5 Skills To Help You Thrive In Computer Programming

What more do you need to be successful as a programmer than programming skills? A lot more, actually. Success in the industry depends on a combination of soft skills and […]

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Be a Better Programmer with these 40 Mathematics Courses

But why we are so scared of Mathematics? Simply It’s because of our high school teaching systems and very less resource to learn from in our early ages. I saw many of friends didn’t understand and…

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How to become a developer: A cheat sheet - TechRepublic

If you are interested in pursuing a career in development and don't know where to start, here's your go-to guide for salaries, skills, and the best programming languages to learn.

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Repl.it lets you program in your browser

No matter whether you are a seasoned programmer or you simply want to take

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Learn to Code in 3 Months With Harvard's Online Courses

Harvard's online class is teaching thousands of students how to code in 12 weeks. You can learn for free or pay to enroll in the certificate program.

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Google teams up with MIT to make programming easier for kids

Google is teaming up with MIT's Media Lab to create Scratch Blocks, an updated version of the kid-centric programming language.

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This cute little robot can teach your kid (and you) how to code

Root is a robot created by a team of researchers from Harvard that can teach basic to advanced coding. The team hopes it can be used in schools worldwide.

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The Future Of Coding Is Here, And It Threatens To Wipe Out Everything In Its Path | TechCrunch

APIs -- the rules governing how software programs interact with each other -- not user interfaces, will upend software for years to come. When Intel CEO Brian..

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Free online summer courses that will advance your career

Consider any of these 43 free online career-advancing course that you can start (and finish) this summer.

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Apple will open-source its Swift programming language | VentureBeat | Dev | by Jordan Novet

Apple calls Swift the successor to C and Objective-C, with its support for object-oriented programming and whole module optimization. And now it’s going to be open source.

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The first 5 online resources to use when learning to code

These five resources are the best starting points for anyone learning to code. Even if you think the buzz around "learning how to code" is overkill, you have to admit it's here to stay.