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October 7 Happened Before, in Hebron

A brutal massacre nearly a century ago in Judaism’s second-holiest city makes clear that murderous Palestinian rage against Jews has little to do with Israel or Zionism

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Elder Of Ziyon - Palestinians in Hebron celebrate the murder of a Jew

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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UNPACKED: Hebron 1929: The Most Important Moment You Never Heard Of.

UNPACKED: Hebron 1929: The Most Important Moment You Never Heard Of. In the summer of 1929, the British-controlled region of Palestine saw growing fault lines between Arabs and Jews. Tensions rose until they erupted one fateful day. In the city of Hebron

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Did Abraham use a smartphone?

One anachronistic untruth is the same as any other. If ancient Hebron can baldly be called "Palestinian", any claim can be accepted. Op-ed.

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Palestinian woman stabs Israeli officer in Hebron, is shot dead

Officials say border guard, slightly hurt in attack, manages to fire back; incident comes hours after another Palestinian woman was shot dead in West Bank

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Hebron Remembered

The Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. The Torah reading for Shabbat Chaye Sarah (November 23) begins …

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The Most Important Lesson from the Horrendous Hebron Massacre of 1929

The Hebron massacre of 1929 decimated the oldest Jewish community in the Holyland of Israel, which existed in Israel since Second Temple times 2,000+ years ago!

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Hebron Riots of 1929: Anti-Jewish Terrorism Predates the 1967 War

Arab rejection of Israel and Zionism emerges from an all-or-nothing view of justice and honor. It has never brooked compromise or moderation.

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'We Are Not Foreigners in Hebron, We Will Stay Here Forever,' Israeli PM Netanyahu Declares During Historic Visit to City

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looks up while his wife Sara touches the outside wall of the Cave of the …

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At Start of Travel Season, AP Runs Hatchet Job Against Pro-Settlements Duty Free Chain | The Jewish Press

Simon Falic also told the AP: “We are proud to support organizations that help promote Jewish life all over the Land of Israel.”

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Jews Celebrate EPIC Building Dedication in Hebron - Beit HaShalom

It finally happened! The Jews have moved into Beit HaShalom (House of Peace), the four-story residential complex purchased by Jews in Hebron.

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Ramadan 'Iftar' Kosher Meal in Hebron Brings Israeli 'Settlers' and Palestinians Together

Ramadan ‘Iftar’ Kosher Meal in Hebron Brings Israeli ‘Settlers’ and Palestinians Together A leading Palestinian businessman served a kosher spread to his Israeli guests at a traditional fast-breaking “Iftar” meal, which Muslims eat during the

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BBC Distorts Reality of Life in Hebron | HonestReporting

The BBC takes Hebron, one of the most complex places in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and creates a spectacularly misleading and one-sided narrative.

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Painting a Fuller Picture on Hebron

Less than a year ago I decided it was high time for me to visit Hebron. After all, Hebron is the world's oldest Jewish city,