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Meet Your Fact-Checkers: AP Report Includes Quote From Radio Host Who Has Been Dead Since 2020

The "fact-checkers," besides being hardcore Leftist ideologues, haven’t demonstrated that they themselves have the basic ability to sift truth from falsehood

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Israel Showed U.S. Officials 'Smoking Gun' Evidence of Hamas Operating in AP Building

The Israeli air force bombed a building in Gaza that served as headquarters for the Associated Press and Al Jazeera, the pro-Palestinian, Arab propaganda organ.

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‘Can you BE more out of touch?!’ AP tries to paint pandemic-induced isolation as a good thing (self-care!) and fails MISERABLY

Remember when the AP was something you could trust? Good times.

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Four Questions the AP Won’t Dare Ask Palestinians | CAMERA

For AP or other reporters to ask Palestinians about rejection of peace proposals would require them to act like real journalists, rather than pro-Palestinian

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At Start of Travel Season, AP Runs Hatchet Job Against Pro-Settlements Duty Free Chain | The Jewish Press

Simon Falic also told the AP: “We are proud to support organizations that help promote Jewish life all over the Land of Israel.”

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AP revises tweet: ‘Members of Congress fall over each other to support Israel’

The Associated Press walked back a tweet on Tuesday and quietly edited text of an article after catching flack for appearing to criticize U.S. lawmakers for supporting Israel.