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Joshua Namm: Would They Tear Down Anne Frank Too?

Never again is now.

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Germany Earns The Ultimate Facepalm: Anne Frank Daycare Center To Be Renamed

 The explosion of overt antisemitism in recent weeks has been disturbing to see no matter where it takes place. We live in the United States, so we're most horrified about it here, but scenes from London, Australia, and elsewhere are equally concerning. This is not the way a society behaves ... at least if it wants to survive.

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Anne Frank wouldn't Trust this

The Anne Frank Trust UK 'apologised' for one speaker at one event. Tragically the truth is far deeper and far darker than one antisemite.

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No, Anne Frank did not have ‘white privilege’

Critical Race Theory cannot cope with the Holocaust so it pretends those killed were oppressors

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No, Anne Frank Did Not Have White Privilege And Here's How To Combat Lies Like These

Over the weekend, Anne Frank began trending on Twitter and for the worst reason imaginable: “Anne Frank had white privilege,” began one tweet. “Bad things happen to people with white privilege also but don’t tell the whites that.” “Yes, all white people a


Shocking Holocaust denial: Twitter debates whether Anne Frank had 'white privilege'

  Anne Frank trended on Twitter over the weekend, but not because of her world-famous diary, writing talent, or death

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Don't conflate Jews with a white civilisation that tried to EXTERMINATE them

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Twitter debates whether Anne Frank had 'white privilege'

The debate about Anne Frank allegedly spawned out of a series of convoluted unrelated arguments on Twitter over the course of months.

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PODCAST: Marxists Posing as Black Activists Book Burn 'The Diary of Anne Frank'

Demonstrating a complete ignorance of world history - and even going as far as to spell their own tribe incorrectly, the Black Hammer Organization bragged about burning The Diary of Anne Frank to keep warm in Colorado's mountains, calling her a "German im

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Black Communists Smear Anne Frank; Book Burn with Her Diary

A woke Black communist movement in Colorado has exhibited its core value of hate in a social media post that calls Anne Frank a...

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Anne Frank memorial in Boise, Idaho, vandalized with swastikas

The memorial, until recently the only statue of Anne Frank in the United States, was toppled by vandals in 2007 and vandalized again in 2017.

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Anne Frank was "canceled" yesterday by the antisemitic, socialist Left

A person named Gazi Kodzo is a radical black socialist who heads an organization called Black Hammer. He may be the only member but he does have tens of thousands of followers.

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Episode in new Netflix series mocks diarist Anne Frank | JNS

“If you’re offended by anything you see tonight,” declares Jeff Ross, the host, who dons a yellow Star of David armband, “just do what FDR did—and look the other way.”

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Anne Frank center compares Jews fleeing Nazis to Islamic State terrorists

Colonel Richard Kemp, who was a former Commander of Operation Fingal in Afghanistan, wrote on Twitter: “A terrible insult by @BS_AnneFrank. They should delete this disgraceful tweet.”

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Facebook sorry for removing Anne Frank Center holocaust victims image - Business Insider

Facebook apologises to the Anne Frank Center for removing an article it posted which featured an image of naked child holocaust victims. Facebook said it was...

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A new Dutch play about Anne Frank doesn’t mention Jews or Nazis - Diaspora - Jerusalem Post

The play, which is slated to premiere on Nov. 11 in the Netherlands, is set in modern times and mentions neither the Nazis nor why they murdered Anne Frank.

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What happened to Anne Frank after the Secret Annex? | The Times of Israel

70 years after their capture, the Frank girls' last seven months in camps is well documented, but still rarely discussed

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Anne Frank arrested 70 years ago today: Read her last diary extract

Anne Frank, the young Jewish diarist celebrated for her courage and resilience while confined to a secret annex during the Second World War, was arrested 70 years ago today.

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The Only Surviving Film Footage of Anne Frank

On July 22, 1941, a 12-year-old girl at Merwedeplein 37 looked on as her neighbor got married.

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Tin of marbles belonging to Anne Frank turn up in Amsterdam

Marbles that belonged to Holocaust victim Anne Frank have turned up over seventy years after she gave them to a friend for safekeeping before she and her family went into hiding.