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How Hitler Used Democracy to Take Power | TIME

The vital lesson of how Adolf Hitler took advantage of democracy to become a dictator.

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The Fascist Scheme of Federally Centralized Government

The word has been so misused over time that its meaning has been turned on its head. Fascism is not a product of right-wing ideology. It is – and there is no disputing this if you are being honest – a political philosophy more intricately aligned with

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PODCAST: Marxists Posing as Black Activists Book Burn 'The Diary of Anne Frank'

Demonstrating a complete ignorance of world history - and even going as far as to spell their own tribe incorrectly, the Black Hammer Organization bragged about burning The Diary of Anne Frank to keep warm in Colorado's mountains, calling her a "German im

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WATCH: Jewish Democrats' Ad Compares Trump's America to Nazi Germany

An ad by the Jewish Democratic Council of America comparing President Trump's America to 1930s Nazi Germany has sparked outrage.

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Exclusive--O'Donnell: Soissons, A Battle You’ve Never Heard of Changed the Course of WWI | Breitbart

One hundred years ago, Allied troops readied themselves for a forgotten battle that turned the tide of World War I.

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The man who defeated Hitler | Fox News

Dietrich Bonhoeffer's faith gave him the courage to stand against the greatest evil of the 20th century.

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Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

Like Hitler, the national socialist, was a buddy of the muslims, so are those communist and socialist states buddies of todays muslims in the UN. That commun...