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Gallup: Satisfaction With U.S. Direction Reaches 12-Year High

Americans' satisfaction with the way things are going in the country has reached a 12-year high of 38%, one point above last month's satisfaction rate.

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Household Income Hits All-Time High Under Trump, And He's Getting Credit For It

A new report shows that the median household income has climbed 3% since President Trump took office. It's another sign of a strong economy, and at least one poll shows the public credits Trump for the good news.

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The Media Who Cried Wolf: Anit-Trump Bias Hurts Media Most

How is President Trump surviving the relentless onslaught of negative media?   The counter-intuitive conclusion is that this unparalleled negative coverage is more damaging to the source than the target.

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Kanye Effect: Black Male Approval of Trump Doubles in One Week

According to a Reuters poll, approval for President Trump has doubled between April 22 and April 29, from 11 percent to 22 percent.

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Exclusive: Democrats lose ground with millennials - Reuters/Ipsos poll | Reuters

Enthusiasm for the Democratic Party is waning among millennials as its candidates head into the crucial midterm congressional elections, according to the Reuters/Ipsos national opinion poll.

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Hillary Clinton's popularity has plunged since election, poll finds | Fox News

Hillary Clinton, well over a year after she lost the 2016 election to President Trump, is less popular than ever, according to a poll released this week.

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Newt Gingrich: President Trump is up, elite media are down | Fox News

Imagine the frustration building in elite media offices across the country.

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U.S. Satisfaction With World Standing Hits 13-Year High

Americans' satisfaction with the United States' position in the world is at a 13-year high, but most still think President Donald Trump's world standing is dismal.

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Here's One Poll The Press Doesn't Want You To See

As President Obama left the White House, the mainstream press was falling over itself proclaiming how popular he was. "Obama leaving office on a very high

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Exclusive Interview: How Jared Kushner Won Trump The White House

The secret weapon of the Trump campaign: his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who created a stealth data machine that leveraged social media and ran like a Silicon Valley startup. The inside story of the biggest upset in modern political history.